150 years of the Thoothi Agiary

Shernaaz Engineer informs us of the 150th anniversary of Sorabji Thoothi Agiary at Walkeshwar, Mumbai

People have birthdays, and places do too. Sacrosanct places that are awash with a vibrancy which the passing years just cannot wear away – and sustain us with a grace that gets more generous as time goes by.

For many Parsis, one such sanctuary for the soul is the Sorabji Thoothi Agiary at Walkeshwar, which turns 150-years-old today.

thoothi agiary

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  • Fali K. Madon

    Very happy to hear about it and hope it turns another 150!

  • phiroz

    Please read page 2 of Jame dtd 26th instant – a public Notice regarding Dadyseth Atashbehram. What does the community intend to do about the tresspass in the complex? WAPIZ, as usual had ‘preserved & protected’ interests of the community by interefering with the development of land around the Atashbehram for residence for Parsees a couple of years ago.Should not BPP join the litigants and remove the trespasser?