Parsi charity needs overhaul: Study


April 12, 2010

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TISS Report Advocates Home-Based Services For Senior Citizens From The Community

Manthan K Mehta I TNN

Mumbai: A study on Parsis has recommended a complete overhaul of the charity aimed at the community as the elderly comprises nearly 31% of its population, most of them staying alone. More organisations should come forward with daycare services to help such elders lead a comfortable and safe life, suggested the study.

Prof S Siva Raju, of Tata Institute of the Social Sciences, conducted the nationallevel survey on 886 elderly Parsis living in rural as well as urban areas, including old-age homes to understand their living condition. The study, which was sponsored by Parzor Foundation, New Delhi, said several factors, including lack of interest in marriage among the younger lot, disinterest in procreation and migration by the youngsters are to blame for the dwindling population and the elderly staying alone. So, time has come for the community to review its practices and start services that will help these old people lead a more comfortable life.


Based on the feedback of those surveyed, the study emphasised, “The community’s strategy will have to shift from sinking money in brick and mortar. Instead, they should direct service to the senior citizens of the community who need home-based services.’’ Parsi organisations should aim at providing services like upkeep of the house and personal care such as helping the elderly with their baths, meals, shopping, banking, investments, income tax returns and medical emergencies, suggested Raju.

The study suggested such community-based services can be started by setting up an organisation through the various Parsi punchayats and anjumans in different locations. Volunteers, who might be senior citizens themselves, can be involved to  run such a service. Those who can afford it, can pay the entire amount, while others can avail of varying levels of subsidy.

According to the report, many Parsis are single—both men and women—and stay alone, lacking social support in old age. The younger married ones can hardly look after their ageing parents and relatives staying separately and those living abroad or elsewhere in India can visit them only once or twice a year. “The working adult children, single or married, having ageing parents, whether living with them or away, are willing to pay for their parent/s’ care if social service organisations offer good services to help them and take care of them.’’ Advocting the need for homebased services backed by community organisation, Raju said, “The increasing rate of crimes against the old in large cities, like Mumbai and Delhi, further prevents them from hiring unknown people.’’

To start such services, Raju said, it was necessary to collaborate with institutions, such as TISS or College of Social Work at Nirmala Niketan, to train the para-professional and professional staff in elderly care.

To deal with health problems like poor vision, hypertension, diabetes, tiredness, cardiac trouble, osteoporosis, depression, anxiety, joint pains, respiratory trouble and other psychological problems, Raju said, “Arrangements can be made for areawise medical practitioners to pay regular visits. For those who are too old to even go out, a system should be in place so that blood tests can be conducted at home as well as check-ups on eyes and hearing aids.’’ Besides bringing nice food, special recreation and hobby facilities, involving youngsters, should be built at the Parsi colonies so that the members of the community are not bogged down in depression and loneliness.


  1. Jeannie Antia

    The seniors could do house- and home-sharing. Why not take in the poor and give them a home and in exchange they would take care of the old person.

    Take in an Hindu – a Christian – a Muslim or one of the poor Parsis – but take in someone and loneliness has no chance to kill you!


    Thank you so much shri manthan mehta for an article and also i greatly appreiate that tatas coming forward and Tata institute of social sciences conducting survey.I hope and trust belowed Ratanji Tata will definitely do something for elder parsis.Tatas always contributed to the nations developement so nothing wrong in doing something for parsis.i am sure that prof shiva raju might have submitted this survey report to dearest Ratanji TATA.i am looking forward to see some action from Ratanji Tata.

  3. Marzban Vesuna

    This is really a great study and hats off to Prof Siva Raju for nailing the problem on its head. Our community is in dire need of this social service initiative. A part of the BPP corpus should be set aside for this task and funded regularly. This new charitable fund will then be able to finance its own full time staff – young and old – who can perform this service themselves or outsource some services e.g. medical, tax consulting, cooking, house cleaning etc. Most of the young Parsi brood is now abroad which makes it imperative to kick off this well intended mission at the earliest.

  4. farzana

    Yes, I fully agree that Parsee Charity needs an overhaul.

    Many Parsees rendered redundant from their earlier employment and with no desire to earn a honest living have made religion as business in guise of being ORTHODOX ERVADS.

    They are found to be shamelessly availing of Free Medical
    facilities from Parsee Charity Hospital. Such ‘holy and staunch’ Zathostees go to such Parsee Hospitals by their own cars for out door treatment but park their vehicle on the road and not in the hospital compound so that their pretence of being ‘eligible’ for charity remains unknown to hospital authorities. Cheeee!!

    And such ‘Chhoooost” Zarthostee parasites have the shamelessness to claim ‘that – God forbid if the orthodox had died out, would the religion ever survive ? Would the religious institutions ever survive ? Would the Pav Mahel which the priests have so painstakingly guarded and preserved would they have survived ?All this would be a thing of the past and there would be no religion left’ !! blah blah blah!!

    Is dishonesty and deceit a part of such ‘Orthodoxy’?


  5. firoz adas

    Farzna can I ask you who are you to agree??
    what authority and right do u have..
    what proof do you have for the shameless lies that you have told..
    It is true that without orthodox the religion or the united parsis would die out….
    In my view hypocrites are one who go against the religion doing ill, & then when their socalled graved love for the religion wakes up again they say “hu pan parsi chu”.
    My advise to them, dont do ill, and if u do then dont try the hu parsi chu line….
    Say there is some tyrant women in bombay converting her children into Zoroastrian, she might be able to do that, but that would have to them, cause they will be a Zoroastrian, never ever a parsi…..

  6. farzana

    Firoz Adas

    What authority do YOU have to ask me why I Agree for expressing my views on Charity requiring overhaul? I am not answerable to you for you are absolute non entity to ask me reasons for my expressing views on Charity institutions being misused by the UNDESERVING.

    If the conduct of persons in the example quoted by me hurts YOUR CONSCIENCE , it is not my problem.

    All the messages that are posted by me are not necessarily to just express views. Some are posted to find out the true identity of various pseudonyms that are hiding because in the recent past, WHEN THEY POMPOUSLY MENTIONED their names, their hypocrisy and double standards were fully exposed and hence such persons are actually ashamed to post messages in their true names.

  7. Firoz adas

    Farzana madam, You asked me about contamination, I guess so you yourself do have a mirror at home, don’t you??? You will get your answers vercy….

    Any one can look into your frustration and easily make out being ruled out of the community hurts you the most!! but anyways who cares.

    Madam I think its you whose conscious & little small small ego is getting hurt when someone questions you and proves you TOTALLY WRONG!!!! bingoo…

    Madam, one more thing, you are commenting on parsis on parsi khabar, don’t you think you should be answerable to all by giving proof of your detailed Sherlock Holmes styled spy investigation that you just revealed… or are you afraid, as whatever you said is of a fake nature, isnt it!!!! Yes it is, thats why you are dumbed to answer… bingoo again…

    Your tried to dodge my question didn’t you, I repeat, who are you to comment on us when you are not at all a part of us.
    Who even cares if you agree or don’t agree as in the end you are not a parsi..
    If you don’t like us then why don’t you mind your own business? Gl
    Keep out your seriously ill intentions out of our peace loving community.
    The line that stinks the most from your side is when you lay wrong claim over our dasturs or high Priest, I surly realize it quick that a person who does not respect the top order of our religion cannot at all be a part of it itself, so surly you are a alien person, who tries to booby trap our youths on bases of totally fake, false and wrong statements..

    …………………………………………………forum forgive spellings.

  8. farzana










  9. Rashana_M

    Firoz Adas,
    It seems you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. A devoted religionists does not need to respect all and sundry Priests. Parsees have shown great respect for certain Priests despite such priests not being conferred the title of HIGH.
    I think the issue here is of how priests conduct themseves in public life. Past priests lead a simple and dignified life.Even now there are exceptions but many of those priests who are more in public domain have been found to be practicing double standards and if any person does not give undeserved respect,should it imply that by not respecting a money mided priests the concerned behdin is irreligious?
    Are you kidding?. And our youngsters are rational enough not to be taken in by glib talk be it from a radical reformists or a rabid bigot.False publicity never works all the times.


    I am very disappointed to read farzana and firoz comments and arguments.i hope and trust the intension of this site may be to bring parsi brothers and sisters close and togeather and not to make your personal differences.being a gentleman i request both to do something better for the community and not to damage image of kind hearted,peace loving and generous parsis.
    i am sorry for making my remark because i am not a parsi by blood so i have no right to advice.but being a wellwisher and admirer of parsis such argumets pains me hurts me.
    my humble request to both to maintain rich values of parsis.
    Rajesh Chouhan

  11. Firoz adas

    Farzana Madam, I am sooo sorry farzana, But I could not stop myself from replying your last statement first!!! Hoho ok lets go on,,, Why are you so hypocritically scared DEAR???? Your statement indirectly begging me to not reply you made me smile for a second there…. WONDERFUL

    Your second para again does not answer any of my quires, I ask you again, WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE, OR IN FACT DO YOU HAVE EVEN ONE??
    Yes I am concerned, so that people like you don’t spoil my wonderful communities name, you know all are not like you, selfish I meant. Oh dear I feel so much for you, I mean your cute tries to offend me actually really do work in your fairy taled world, don’t they? But not beyond that, as when it come to reality dear, I would have to offer you a handkerchief, you surly know the reason why by now, don’t you??

    From your third para madam you prove yourself to be the biggest hypocrite yourself, well no no its no give back thing, its practicality, cause in the end of the statement you have meant that you would HATE to be part of our community, therefore if so then why are you putting your worthless nose into the rings!!!! Oh I guess something Misfired or CONTRADICTION in your words haaa??? Lmao
    Farzana You said you will definitely wrongly comment, I really don’t care if you do, but then don’t start weeping again when anyone does inquire. I still maintain who are you to say anything about our community if you clearly hate our community, if you hate us then why don’t you MIND YOUR OWN LOSSFILLED BUSINESS…

    Regarding our wonderful Priest, I don’t know you can respect them or not because you are from some other community, but at least don’t disrespect them! It’s our communities personal wish whom it wishes to label high Priest or concerned, no one else has to worry for that…

    Farzana Illogical thought also have a way to go, but yours seem something more then that!! Yes dear I really don’t care you agree or not, but how on earth does that contradict my questions to you! My questions were to Proof you WRONG in front of everyone, which I did. Hurts you?? I am not sorry for that DEAR!!!

    Farzana madam I never told that you are a daughter of musu or something like that, then why are you getting so much wild??? Did I?? My words are innocent, but your heart and mind is not, something is wicked and wrong in there, which is constantly self pinching you.. By your own words you have proved that you are not at all a parsi. Infact a person who is jealous of our lovely community….

    Madam one more thing, please give proof that you exposed any orthodox of any wrong doing in bombay city?? Please give proof that you are anywhere capable to expose anyone? Please give a reason why should someone believe a deviled non-parsi voice?
    Well again I won’t care a dam to disturb you when I think its my respectable concern.…
    Regarding exposing, well you keep TRYING that, we are already doing that, But strongly in the real world dear, reformist are in plenty these days, & people like you are very easily caught off guards.…

    From behavior of your capitalized writing I can understand you agony & zero confidence, it seems no matter what, you should learn by now that the truth always prevails, your horrific tries to manipulate the facts seems to go into ditches, no this time not sad for you, a small sweet innocent smile again….

    And thank you in advance for replying ALL my questions fast as possible..

    ……………………………………………… forgive spellings..

  12. a.rustomjee

    I think Rajesh Chouhan has echoed my feelings as well.I believe that Firoz Adas is tarnishing the image of the community by his messages full of adjectives. No, I am no henchman of the other person with whom he seems to have a grudge but if corespondents like Firoz Adas are allowed to indulge in such type of personal exchange, the same may spur others to follow and question the parentage, community and religious affiliations of another individual who can not subscribe to views of his or her opponent.Such a tendency is not conducive to healthy debate.

  13. Jamshed H. Bastani


    Constant vituperative attacks on our priests and High priests is not the reason we read Parsi Khabar. Your website is primarily meant to share news on community matters and invite comments from bloggers but the reality is entirely different.

    As per your Comments policy “That does not give anyone the right to make personal statement and remarks about the other’s knowledge, intellect or personal life.” is exactly what is happening. A female blogger here feels that Parsi Khabar is her personal avenue to launch attacks on our priests / high priests whom she may not agree with in the guise of “exposing their double standards”. Such personal vendetta should be taken off this forum, so that we could enjoy a cordial atmosphere to discuss issues and not people. Though I am a behdin, I strongly object to our clergy being painted in this derogatory fashion.

    Hope you will take adequate measures to maintain decorum on your blog.

    Jamshed H. Bastani.

  14. farzana

    Read my comment about certain someone misusing the Parsee charity. Do you see me taking any names? Obviously it shouldn’t offend one, unless one is actually doing it. In this case it offended FAKE FIROZE ADAS. So what does one make of it? …. Where is the question of PROOF!! He has himself admitted to doing it by wearing the cap…OOPPSS PAGDI. Now it so happened that i coincidentally ruffled the feathers of this individual who is an ordained Priest / a Trustee of a Fire Temple,… who thinks Priests are above all laws so they can do all they want and any Behdin who questions them becomes a nonparsi!! Wah wah !! But the best part is, he spinessly logs in on an internet blog that does not even belongs to him, under a pseudonym and declares me a NONPARSI… Rotflmao !! ….. What COURAGE!!!

    Rashna, if you desire for further details, contact Parsi
    Khabar who will seek my assent and let you have my E Mail address

    Rajesh, Im done. Thank you for being the voice of reason here.


  15. Voice of Reason.

    Shri Firoz adas,
    Your posts are perplexing about what you are trying to convey.
    Do you think readers are interested in reading your apparently imaginary grievances running into several paras. Is this a forum for promoting personal agendas or for issue based exchange of opinions.BTW, as a reader I am unable to know what exactly is your grievance about, Firoz? Others too must be in similar position.

  16. arzan sam wadia

    Dear Rajesh, Rustomjee and Jamshed….I echo your sentiments. I will try my level best to keep it fair here at Parsi Khabar.

    This is a democratic open forum. And I truly feel that people can and should speak their mind within the limits set out in our guldelines.

    Correct me if I am wrong, I think that what is written here is more a reflection on the writer than on the medium…ie the blog.

    All the same, I thank you for your observation. Ill try to keep that in mind in future comment moderation.

    Dear Firoz Adas…trying to malign a whole body of people who are not even in the “room” is not getting you anywhere. They are not here to give their side of the story or to counter attack/defend.

    Let’s try to “agree to disagree”….

  17. Ratan Elavia

    I too agree with Jamshed Bastani. These attacks targetted on priests get us nowhere more so when they are not even here to defend themselves.

    I would like to share with our readers here the plight of a normal priest. He is expected to work from dawn to well past midnight, under almost inhuman conditions of smoke and heat which is the norm in a fire temple, be at the beck and call of his Panthaky who can summon for his duties at any given point of time whenever there is a death in a family. He has to be dressed in clean clothes which need to be laundry washed daily, be kind, courteous and receptive to behdins and has to recite prayers in a loud sonorous voice if he cares for the ashodad that is due to him.

    For all these services he renders and keeps our fires alive, and blazing what is he paid ? A pittance as per today’s cost of living. Even a building watchman draws a higher salary. He is not entltled to any leave, medical benefits, PF, Bonus, LTA..If he falls sick and cannot attend to his duties, he gets no pay for that day. He is on daily wages and cannot afford to skip work for whatever reason.

    This is the appreciation and reward that we give in return to those who keep the faith alive and then pass remarks like “Priests who are not married/divorced have to be demoted”. Forget demotion or promotion, there are no priests available ! Which Parsi girl will marry a priest after knowing all these conditions ?

    No priests,no religion. No religion,no Parsis.

  18. arzan sam wadia

    A few months ago, I wrote an article for the NextGenNow edition of the FEZANA Journal.

    The article discusses the role of Parsi priests amongst the diaspora in North America. It brings about an interesting mix of ideas and the challenges in today’s day and age.

    Excerpts of the article were posted here on Parsi Khabar and the entire article is here:

  19. piloo

    Agreed dear Ratan Elavia,
    with your true statement ‘No priests,no religion. No religion,no Parsis.’ But also do not forget no Behdin no Ashodad.(i.e. if all Parsis were Priests).
    I also agree with your contention that an average Mobed leads a hard life and therefore found unsuitable in Matrimonial market but you seem to overlook , what I am told is the tenet of Vandidad suggesting that a married man with a family is on a higher plane than an unmarried. Can you then quote Vandidad provisions selectively as per individual whims and caprice. Moreover,many priests do earn respect because of their outlook and sincerity. It is not correct to say that all priests are not being given respect. The onus of getting respect is on the recipient One has not only to be judicious but appear to be so.Do you disagree that some of our Panthakies lead a life of luxury like owning Mercs ?
    As Rashna has said above, deserve and desire.
    And Jamshedji, all the current religious issues would never have become controversial, had our leading priests acted uniformly disregarding the economic status of the persons who were inducted into our faith.You can not dispute this established fact. So Bastani let us not bury our heads in the sand and say that ALL our priests DO NOT practice double standards.Thats the plain truth though you may find it uncomfortable.

  20. Firoz adas

    Dear true parsis friends, Ghee, sakar, chocolate, ice-cream, ravo, dahi, sev, fudge, shake etc in our dear lady friends mouth, may what she says come true related to just one line, I surly would madly love to be a trustee to serve my great religion yaar, hope all the 89000 votes are for me, amin amin amin.
    Ok now on bit serious note humdins, Our very dear lady friend cannot understand the love that our parsi community shares, well not being a part how can one, I am saying this because that is her OWN ADMISSION. It this simple that we parsis care deeply for each others identity, so no matter whom so ever from the community she accuses, its duty of us to protect the same, so that’s what I am doing, We protect our communities identity no matter who’s ever concern it is, a person without identity can’t understand that for sure!!!!!
    To prove the same & her pathetic lies in all black and white here is a small metaphor…
    You must have all heard a story about the “The Fox & the Grapes” in which the fox fails to gain access to grapes, this in turn makes him say that the grapes must be sour, infact without having a luck of tasting them, amazing isn’t it!! We can see the same phenomena here, Our very pleasing lady friend here is victim of the same cognitive dissonance. Here only the difference is that she does not get the benefits of the parsi charities because of which itself she is soooo interested in our community, which we all have preserved for the right use of our true parsis, she & likes of her want a bite out of it, which is not legal at all & which ofcourse she never will get or never will get away with such kind of ideas, that’s why it burns her so much even without any specific attempt from our side!!! Lmao

    Infact say great organizations such as B.P.P have been handled so well till date, it is clear enough why are there frequently so many false cases leveled against them, because people as these non-parsis don’t want us to prosper & wish to indirectly black mail us. But as god’s made history has it, we all know what good has happened…
    I openly with all enthusiastic hope of receiving a reply from the lady put my question forward to her again, specially the one related to charity hospitals. She does not answer because she does not have one.. She neither has any PROOF of her false self serving allegations made on our whole community, I demanded the same from her many times, but she FAILED to answer the same, her claims were equal to a punctured tire (phus)…. Well in the end I have to say that her self-serving detective agency needs some serious help!!! Hehe ops….

    Madam Farzana,,
    Fake or bake, I really don’t care whatever you think, don’t try to change the topic, answer the questions, provide the proof if you have the courage to prove yourself, don’t waste forums time, answer if you got any guts!! Or you would be proved WRONG…. Phuss….

    Dear arzan sam wadia, I think its better if you can take both sided views, if your forum does not allow free expressions from one side then please do mention the same and I promise won’t bother you at all. People are here literally accusing parsis of using charity hospitals etc the wrong way, that is alright, our priest are humiliatingly accused, that is alright, and if we try and correct and put forward our views then that is wrong?? I have talked on in a democratic manner, the proof to which is no complains from the person whom I have talked to has no objections herself, unless ofcourse she would run out of arguments and would try and find a fix to that…

    ……………………………………….forum forgive spellings…..

  21. Hosi P.

    [Sorry Sir, my message posted above shows unnecessary paragraph space # where it was not needed. Therefore I’m reposting the same message sans the space. Thank you. Please delete the message posted above]

    Mr.Bastani, you are cent percent correct that the messages/posts on this blog have to be dignified and not contain what you rightly call as constant vituperative attacks on our priests and High priests. You will agree that as the saying goes, Ceasar’s wife has to be above suspicion. There have been allegations in print media against certain priests for favoring the rich and well connected by bending rules.
    If such allegations are unfounded, would it not be better for reputation of such Priests under cloud to deny such allegations of quid pro quo. If you read papers, even Vatican is facing an embarrassing situation and the Pope is reportedly facing the heat over the scandal.
    So just cannot understand the hesitation and reluctance of our own priests, to deny the allegations if they are unfounded and come clean. This will surely enhance their stature and image.

  22. Nemesis.

    Mr Bastani ought to know that when Priests are discussed in any community, or Religion, we are discussing human beings,AND not GODS. Some persons in their posts above have made a mention of shameful incidents in Roman Catholic Church. Similarly, many T.V. Channels have exposed misdeeds of Hindu godmen. I am sure the likes of Bastani in any community would like to place a censorship even on thinking leave alone expressing and pointing out human frailties of priestly class of their own respective religions.

  23. Rational guy

    @Ratan Elavia,
    As we read in Herodotus, Persians had NO temples and offered their prayers at the summit of the mountains or by waterfalls to temporary Fire. However, after conquering Babylon, it appears that Zoroastrians slowly borrowed the concept of temples from subjugated nations.

    In Research paper presented by Cawas Desai at The NAMC Seminar on May 19, 2007 ; Subj- EVOLUTION AND PRACTICE OF ZOROASTRIANISM, DURING THE ACHAEMENIAN AND PARTHIAN DYNASTIES, points out and I quote- ” The Zoroastrian religion, at the time of its establishment first flourished in Bactria. Several millennia later, a tribe of Zoroastrians, misnamed “Medes” by Berosus, conquered Chaldea in 2458 BC. History makes no further mention of Zoroastrians till come to the 9th century BC, when we find Zoroastrianism flourishing in the Medean Kingdom. About the end of the second millennium and the beginning of the first millennium BC, the Persians from Southern Iran moved eastwards and conquered a tribe known as the Elamites, becoming the rulers of the Kingdom of Anshan (near Pars, north of modern day Shiraz), ruling as vassals of the Medes for over a century. Also in this same time period, Zoroastrianism heavily influenced the Indo-Iranians who had moved eastwards around the Caspian Sea and settled in the valleys of the Zagros Mountains. These included the five Median tribes, one of which was the Magoi (Magi), a sacerdotal tribe, who are believed to have been literate and provided the priesthood for the Medes and Western Persians.” Unquote.

    From the time of its establishment circa 1500 BC to nearly 9th Century BC, Zoroastrianism functioned without Magis or Priests. So for you, Mr Elavia to say – “No priest, no Religion” is totally off the mark. There was religion of Zoroaster before the Priests joined it, and the religion will go on long after the Parsi tribe is no more than a minor line in the encyclopedia.

    Vendidad or more accurately- “vi-daavo data”consists of an ancient corpus of purity codes and a much later addendum of punishments. The prescribed punishments show impractical nature. It is doubtful that such lengthy and graphic punishments were ever carried out. However, it is certain that monetary substitution were preferably paid instead, to fund the priestly class and newly built temples.
    It should be added that Vendidad is the last of, and belongs to the “Datic” Category of nasks or writings. And “Datic”nasks deal according to the Denkard; with decisions/rulings concerning an ever evolving and changing, temporal world and subjects that change and evolve over time.

    Anyhow, I see rationality in what’s said by Piloo , A.Rustomjee and other like minded individuals. If this scriptures are used as a yard stick by Orthodox to pass judgement, in times like today, on rest in the community, they should be ready to get judged by the same yard stick whether a Dastoor or a Behdin.

  24. piloo

    ARZAN, Do you not think you have allowed excessive indulgence to this Firoz Adas to repeat the same substance over and over again despite several well meaning boarders expressing their disenchantment. If this person has to do “tu tu main main with another singular person he can do so outside this forum.
    In his first post itself he asks something like ‘who are you to agree”. When a subject is thrown open for discussion somebody may agree and others are free to disagree. Are all boarders going to be subjected to this senseless and meaningless long winding exchange of personal issues on a very broad and a wide subject. You will surely concede that the main issue has been sidelined.
    I think it is time for you as a Moderator to put your foot down or rather bring the curtain down.

  25. Jennifer

    Hi Jamshed Uncle,
    So nice to hear from you on this forum, your voice is like a cool breeze in the sweltering heat. Battering and bullying our priests has become a past time for most Parsis having nothing better to do. The reasons are many. With the ever increasing rate of mixed marriages and various modes of disposal of dead bodies, our laity seem to have been reprimanded by these honest and upright priests, so its only a revengful attitude that causes them to act in this manner.

    Secondly our priests are human and they do commit mistakes as one member has rightly stated, but these minor mistakes happen on account of the immense pressure they are subjected to during the course of their duties and should be ignored by us. We canot expect them to work like machines and for the good work that they are doing for the departed soul and giving us blessings at the time of our Navjotes and lagans I feel they deserve a BIG THANK YOU from the community.

    We only hope that our members realize this and stop criticizing them for every small fault they come across. Give my love to Rati Aunty and the kids.

  26. A. Banaji

    I am a regular reader here. This is the first time I’m taking an initiative to write a comment on total dahi-dochaaro happening here thanks to one individual – Mr.Firoz Adas.

    As a independent viewer, I have fail to see where anyone has made any derogatory remark about Parsis as a community or on all Dastoorjis as a whole.

    Now it is a universal fact that even the creme of the society do avail of charity and reservations in some form or another. In case of apri Parsi community, one has just to visit any colony in Bombay, accommodation in these was originally primarily meant for not so well off and what does one see today? A long row of Cars- latest models parked side by side with vintage models and youngsters zooming around with their gfs showing off their expensive Bikes The original aim of the Trust deed is thrown into dustbin. NEKI KAR DARIYA ME DAL

    I too have seen many persons coming by cars- some even chauffer driven heading straight for OPD of hospitals. Same is true for assistance for higher education. And such abuses of community funds are not happening only amongst Parsis.

    Why is Mr Firoz Adas so very stung is difficult to understand. If he too has God forbid erred, then in my opinion, he should recite Patet Pashemani and seek maafi instead of torturing others by his never ending long defensive speeches.

    Dear Editor, I hope, after my pointing out, you will restore the good standards of Parsi Khabar as it is one of the good source of Information on Parsi qom that anyone in the world can access.


    Dear jenifer,
    first of all i would like to thank you for your thoughtful gesture and your kind words like parsi for which parsis are known for their kind hearted soul.last few days i was totaly disappointed due to series of blaming and counter blaming.
    i am totaly agree with you we are humanbeings and one who never does mistake is either God or one who never make decision.
    everyone parsi or non parsi like me who use this site must keep in mind good words,good thoughts and good deeds for which parsis are known for.
    rajesh chouhan

  28. Firoz adas

    Sir A banaji, I personally respect your name a lot, actually I love our atash behram, the banaji one, the same feelings are also for the wadia atash behram, I love others too..
    Sir I know the things through which our dasturji’s go through, its just that I feel for them, is that wrong?
    I love my culture to death, I can’t really describe you how much, now if some people come and try to mesh its chest should I just look and see that??
    I Know the values, thats why I am not ready to let my religion pay for the sins of others, thats all…

    Rajesh chouhan: Rajesh bhaiya, I respect you and welcome your Unbiased views, because they atleast don’t mean to harm us, they are to serve us, I myself have more hindu friends then parsis, but they all also suggest that we should preserve our identity, I am proud of this that they do understand the same!

    FARZANA, Received no proof given=Proved Wrong.

    …………………………………………………forum forgive spellings..

  29. Jamshed H. Bastani

    Hello Rajesh and Jennifer,

    This world would have been such a nice place if people would only put forth their views politely rather than forcing them down other people’s throats and insulting them in the bargain. Discussions could have achieved another high, if this could be done. I usually refrain from posting my views here for fear of being insulted and run down by those who may have differing views.

    My sincere compliments to Arzan Wadia and his team for setting up this blog for sharing Parsi news and allowing members to express themselves. Hope our members excercise restraint while posting their views and opinions such that other members are not hurt.

    Keep up the good work ARZAN and may God bless you.

  30. arzan sam wadia


    Thanks for your kind words. Appreciate the shout out!

  31. Khoremand

    I am new to this portal and have barely posted one message as yet. I was going thru the Archives and came across the subject of Parsi Charity needs overhaul.
    I too have certain views to express on the subject. But looking to the type of language used by one person calling another lady boarder with all sorts of despicable adjectives, with great hesitation I have to mention that our community has taken Charity as a birth right.
    Charity has made our youths and not so very young, lazy. More disgusting is the fact that those who have availed of education from Parsee Charity Schools have not bothered to make even small token donation as a gesture, even though such individuals who received education from Charity Schools are now presently well off in life. Instead of considering it their duty to give back to their alma mater, such ungrateful persons prefer to retire prematurely and indulge in ‘Tari Mari” in their respective colonies or in Fire Temples. I find nothing wrong in including priestly class men in this category as I find many such white capped men with a laid back attitude awaiting the day when there would be JASHAN of 100 mobeds just to get a packet of Ashodad from a wealthy industrialist.
    Most educational institutions set up by Parsee Sethias more than a century ago are not having Parsee pupils on their rolls. The excuse that Parsee parents offer is that the Schools do not give ‘good’ education. Consequently facilities of such charity schools for Parsees are availed of by members of sister communities. Why blame schools for quality education. Personally I know of a case of a Maharashtrian youngster passing out of DPYA School, Dadar with flying colours, has now completed his College education and now pursuing a professional course.
    Has anybody thought that what has happened to Parsee established Schools and Colleges, (in absence of Parsee students) can happen to our other institutions particularly Fire Temples and monastry. I am not even suggesting remotely, conversion to expand our population. What I am worried is why allow members of other religions enjoy fruits of charity even in future and why not change the Object clause of Trust deeds to enable utilization of our assets by the living Parsee Zoroastrians. For instance, some Schools can be converted to Institutions for higher learning, some Fire Temples with scarcely 4 devotees a day being closed down and property converted as home for senior citizens etc.Some take pride in claiming that they obtained Heritage Status for our Fire Temples, to them I say, you do not visualize what will happen after another two decades. People will scoff at your foolish ‘achievement’.
    I am awaiting reaction from others on my stray thoughts.