100 Year Celebrations Of Patel Agiary in Andheri


April 12, 2010

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Below are some pictures from the 100 years celebration of the Patel Agiary in Andheri, Bombay, India.

These were distributed on a newsgroup and there is no mention of the original photographer.



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  1. keki Guard

    thanks for the wonderful pictures. I must say that Patel Agiary is very well maintained.

  2. Ronnie Patel

    I am Very Happy to know that Your Parsee Agiary, situated in Andheri West Near the Railway Station has completed 100 Years.
    I am really feeling very proud that i stay near the Parsee Agiary in Andheri west.
    It brings me back my childhood Memories where i spend my early days.
    Its a pity that i left my own once the best Religion as now a days the Parsees are only expert at breaking others Families & are now a days very arrogant & lazy.
    The parsee youths are not that advcanced as the Parsee girls.
    What ever has happened with me was the most disgusted things, which i do not want to let others know, as it would bring shame upon the whole Parsee Reiligion.
    Some where in my heart i still do have some pure feeings for my once a upon a Time the best Religion on this earth.
    I am really sorry for the same, but i was really complled to change my own best religion due to some of the most undecent People in the Religion.
    With Malice towards None.
    With best wishes to all the Parsees.
    May Auhra Mazda Bless All.

  3. Delnavaz


    The Agiary does look very nice. From the pics it is obvious that the Agiary is flushed with funds. It would be great if the trustees could donate some of these funds to other Agiarys which are in dire straits. thanks

  4. Piloo

    I am more impressed by the neat and tidy ambience when ever I visit this Fire Temple. In this difficult times for the concerned Trustees to maintain this scared place (without assistance of publicity thirsty individuals who want their name published as DONORS,) deserves unqualified praise. This is very much unlike those who went all the way to Surat to get ‘decorated’ with Woolen Shawls.
    As can be observed, no “REGULAR” phenta pugree wearing Bawas are visible in any of the photos.

  5. Piloo

    Two issues here for your suggestion.
    ~Firstly, can one charity trust (flush with funds you say) transfer funds to another Charity Trust legally?
    ~Secondly,is it worthwhile to financially support another Fire Temple belonging to some other Trust which has a handful of devotees?
    ~Is it not diversion of funds?
    ~Instead would it not serve larger good of larger numbers if the holy fire of financially unstable trust is shifted where there is larger population of Zoroastrians?

  6. a.rustomjee

    It has always been my endeavor to help Fire Temples in raising funds for their upkeep.
    Some couple of years back, I managed to to secure donation of six digits for a Fire Temple located at a hill station which is running short of kathi funds..
    But later on it transpires that one Munnabhai type ‘claiming’ to be Chartered Accountant (!) was nominated to attend the Federation Meeting even though this chap has no residential status at this hill station nor did he put in any effort to obtain any donation for this Fire Temple. It is not that I wanted to represent this Hill station in the Federation meet since I too do not have any residence there. The issue is of ethics.
    It is also being rumored that for a Fire temple located at another holiday destination, taking advantage of advanced age of the seniormost Trustee, one individual claiming to be a ‘Scholar’ has been co opted as a Trustee of the Fire Temple trust.
    The word Trustee means that the person must have unimpeachable integrity, vision and right contacts to be able to raise funds. If the concerned individuals do not have these qualities, such persons are NOT suitable to be Trustee material. Trustees have onerous responsibilities and this is not a decorative position for image building. So DELNAVAZ tell me one sound reason why one Trust with competent Trustees should even think of ‘helping’ another Trust whose trustees have no vision, no contacts and are lethargic , interested more in the decorative title/designation than a desire to do something for the Trust. It would mean covering up for shortcomings of the latter.