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Punchayet Meet at Dadar Parsi Gym Goes Silent

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) meet, which was called at Dadar Parsi Gymkhana last evening to mark one year of existence, was left without a voice, literally.

The loudspeakers were switched off halfway through the function after complaints to the local police station.

This forced the trustees to shout to the 3,000-strong crowd and allege that some people within the community were jealous of the BPP’s achievements.

Even after the mikes were switched off, speaker K Mistree remained defiant, shouting his last words, "This is a work of sabotage, though the voice of honesty and truth cannot be scuttled."

This lead the irate audience to even suggest that they pile into cars and gherao the Dadar police station to find out who was behind the complaint.

A woman said, "Functions have been held here in the past, but loudspeakers were never shut."

And resident S Panthaky said philosophically, "When a community tends to dwindle, it goes into destructive mode. This is what is happening with the fighting here."

Ironically, just before the mayhem started, BPP’s Jimmy Mistry had said to the audience, "Let the fires and fighting in our community stop today."

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