Bombay Parsi Punchayet goes for a new logo

Singed by accusations of corruption, BPP replaces trusts fire logo, which they felt was symbolic of the ‘trial by fire they recently faced from community groups


By Manoj Nair / Mumbai Mirror

BPP felt the letters of the acronym in the old logo (below) were being burnt in the fire. The new logo (above) with winged bulls was unveiled on October 25 during  a community meeting at Dadar Trustees of Bombay Parsi Punchayet, the apex representative body of Parsi-Zoroastrians, have decided to replace the trust’s fire logo, which they thought was symbolic of the ‘trial by fire,’ into which it has been dragged into lately by community groups accusing it of corruption.

08-03 The logo will be replaced with winged bulls that are emblems from the ancient Archimedean empire. The old logo shows the letters of the acronym ‘BPP’ stylised as flames.BPP Trustee Dr Khojestee Mistree said, “If you look at the old logo, it looks as if the letters of the acronym are being burnt in the fire. There was something wrong with the concept. The new board of the trust wanted a more modern logo and it was unanimously agreed to adopt the new symbol.”

Fire is a sacred symbol in the Zoroastrian religion; so are winged bulls. The new emblem with two bulls dates back at least 2,500 years to the Archimedean empire of Persia. The images of the bulls were depicted as sentinels that guarded palaces and also the gates of heaven.

Though the BPP – which is one of the largest land owners and charity groups in the city – is nearly 330  years old, the fire logo is less than 10 years old. The organisation did not have a logo before that.

The new symbol was inaugurated at a community meeting in Dadar on October 25.  Mistree said that the new emblem symbolised the trust’s new plans for the community, including a proposal to set up a youth wing.

Lately, the trust has been under intense scrutiny by community groups that have filed complaints at the office of the charity commissioner and in civil courts accusing the body of corruption in housing.

The BPP controls nearly 5,000 flats in trust colonies across the city, that are meant for community members who cannot afford to buy their own homes. Recently, the Bombay High Court allowed the trust to sell flats in an Andheri colony so that it could generate funds to construct homes for poorer members of the community. The plan had been challenged earlier by community groups.

Chairman of BPP, Dinshaw Mehta said he associated the fire symbol with these constant tribulations. “We have been hounded by people who lost the trust elections to us. They have been filing one complaint after another against us in various agencies, and they are not giving up. The old logo was shown burning in the fire. The trustees felt the logo was not appropriate,” said Mehta.

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  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Like earlier stated elsewhere, even the sacred winged bulls have not been able to overcome the Trustees’ superstition, and the BPP continues to burn in the fires of controversy.Tch…tch…tch…

    That could possibly be because the two sentinel bulls are looking away from the BPP instead of facing each other! Another superstition to give the Akbars more sleepless nights?!?!?!? 🙂

    (No offense to any individual, just talking tongue in cheek.)

  • Homiyar Bilimoria

    As the saying goes, “old wine in new bottle”!

  • Siloo Kapadia

    It reminds me of when the oil company ESSO changed their name to EXXON. All-in-all, it was the same old gas!

  • farzana

    wonderful!! Isn’t this logo supposed to represent people suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder?

  • Behram Dhabhar

    I figured out what the Logo represents. The block letters BPP represents the Magnificent 7 trustees..oops Magnificent 6 plus 1 traitor trustee.

    The winged bull on the left looking the other way represnts the AZA, always opposing the BPP on every count but very much “attached” to them.

    The one on the right represnts the liberal/reformists section of the community, always out to bring about “change” and reforms. It comprises of ARZ, AIMZ and those 3 who have filed a case for alloting the Doongerwadi bunglis for cremation / burial. Even they cannot do without the BPP since it is their valuable past time to oppose every good thing that the trustees do.

    As things stand the BPP trustees are now sandwiched between these two opposing camps who wont let them work.

  • Allowing prayer facilities for Parsee Zoroastrians opting for alternate metods, in Bunglis is one thing and setting up a Crematorium is another. To stir up sentiments of the gullible, a deliberate attempt to confuse issues is being made. The sentence ‘As things stand the BPP trustees are now sandwiched between these two opposing camps who wont let them work’ has been made with ‘foresight’.This is an attempt made to work out excuses which will come ‘handy’ six years from now,to cover up for
    non performance.
    The only ‘good thing’ that has so far been done is giving free food for attending “Samast Anjuman meet” comprising of attendance of a thousand or so BHUKHRIBARAS section of local population, out of several thousand of Parsee Zoros, in the City.
    One wonders why these self appointed Saviours of Religion hesitate to say in clear terms the year by which the earlier system of disposal of corpses will be restored, instead of abusing the word C H A N G E .

  • Behram,
    Will you please enumerate the so called GOOD THINGS so far done by the present team of seven ‘elected’ Trustees during last 11 months, as it is you who has stated “since it is their valuable past time to oppose every good thing that the trustees do.”
    One of them (Trustees) , prior to becoming a Trustee, accompanied her sister, who had renounced our Religion, to a Dadar Fire Temple. Another “Towering Personality”, had his mother Cremated and rumour has it that his non Parsee Sister in Law attended Zoroastrian ceremonies held for the departed soul.
    The third one has a daughter married outside the community.
    Yet another Trustee was condemned by so called Orthodox for disturbing the sanctity of RustomFram Fire Temple by renovations.
    Public memory is not that short as assumed.

  • Dhabhar’s post appears to be advanced preparation for ‘explaining’ causes of INABILITY TO PERFORM by blaming external forces.
    A few years back, some of those now in saddle deployed the same tactics against earlier Board of Trustees and now these Protectors do not like the taste of their own medicine being administered on them.The game has turned a full circle.
    DO NOT WORRY, 2014 is far away.Perhaps another ‘rotation’ may take place.

  • Voice of Reason.

    Anti – Dhongi,
    How unreasonable can you be to ask pro aviary lobby to specify the YEAR by which the system of disposal will be restored in its original form? We ought to ask by which CENTURY they expect to make it run as efficiently as it did in the earlier part of the last century and before that. These ‘enlightened individuals’ are capable of changing/halting the Laws of Nature and turning the clock back.
    As for enabling Rustom & Behram to reply, at least be patient and give them a decade to decide.
    This reminds me of a T.V. Commercial of a plywood Company portraying three stages of a man as an accused in a Court. “CHAALTA RAAHE”.
    After all the Traditionalist Trustees have 3 tenures of 7 years and they are already busy mentoring their own family members as future Trustee material.
    But in the interim, pro-aviary lobby should reciprocate and spare us from the monotony of reading their beliefs/day dreams ad – nauseam.

  • rustom jamasji

    Behram Dhabur..
    Dont you see…that when the vulture aviary project becomes a sucess, dhongi and his cotorie wud still find faults…forget about attempts and tries…
    The most funny part is when these write under pseudo names that cant even portray their true colors…

    Hey Dhongi dox’s statement that he is worried that most see thru AZA and other umberalla organisations agenda to embroil the BPP into so mch hassles that it leaves no space to work shows that they are worried their strategies are seen thru..

    His so called judgemental attitude (most of the times after metting out judgement claiming ignorance of text , books n even archeological evidence)now calls all those that attend such meetings as BHUKHRIBARAS.. Such is this cotories thirst to malign and resist anything and anyone that does not agree to meet their agenda..its a rather shamefull and small character!!!

    Now look at his True orthodox Zoroasrian..Previously he had critisised attemts put forth by me portraying true factual reports of vulture conversation..whilst portraying he was in favour of it yet we wait his so called better argument for vultre conservation and aviary. There wud be no one more happier than me to see his pro aviary argument!!!
    His statement above that one of the trustee has a daughter married outside shows he in his wisdom would give medication or pass sentences on a family member of the accused…

    About his rumour about one of the trustees spoiling the sanctity of the RustomFramna agiary, well again atleast when someone refurbishes yet maintains the core, then such go on a blame game..yet themselves thrive to portray that change is arbitary and arbitaraly good..and demand a complete change that wud make Zoroastrianism a workshop of their personal tastes.

    Instead lets focus on the likes of the group of young ( a guy in his early 20’s)and old who actually help the BPP in their endavour like cleaning the dakhmas etc…

  • Anti – Dhongidox

    Old Saying to be adapted.
    As for “rumour” about Rustom Fram Agiary, this wiseacre should better read on the net http/ name of the author of this article is one Adi Doctor who called renovation as Desecration.If he calls what has been written by one of his own tribe as RUMOUR, I have nothing to state. Not that I agree with views of Doctor.REFURBISHING WAS GOOD, I concur.
    YES, I AM SO ‘SCARED’ OF RASPUTINS FROM DPC that I am scared of revealing my full name.I am ‘afraid,’ I may be
    Ex -communicated by these “upholders of Tradition”.
    Aviary Protagonist have, as usual evades replying my query”One wonders why these self appointed Saviours of Religion hesitate to say in clear terms the year by which the earlier system of disposal of corpses will be restored, instead of abusing the word C H A N G E .”
    If one is sure of success of his mission,what is the hesitation in mentioning at least the time period to restore the traditional system which is DEFUNCT as of now since over 1 5 years.

  • Anti – Dhongidox.

    Hypocites need such verbal lashing.
    Well done.Expecting such write ups in Future.

  • Anti – Dhongidox.

    “His so called judgemental attitude (most of the times after metting out judgement claiming ignorance of text , books n even archeological evidence)-“WORDS OF CORRODED WISDOM.”
    Archaelogical evidences 1)glorified SATI, so will you commend it and suggest its implemenation. 2) Arachaelogical evidence suggest that men used bullock carts, so should we move in bullock carts.?
    AS FOR ALLEGATION OF MY BEING IGNORANT-well when he calls as Rumour, what has been published on net by a diehard “Traditionalist”, who is IGNORANT.?
    JUST PONDER BEFORE USING ADJECTIVESI will only use Archives with the help of fellow Religionists to expose the Volte -face of Chamelons.

  • True Orthodox Zoroastrian.

    You seem to amuse me to no end and perhaps others too are getting entertained by your “Lawara”.When you state “The most funny part is when these write under pseudo names that cant even portray their true colors…” My colour is clear i.e. aim, viz. decent disposal of corpses without allowing them to rot and without pouring acid, but with all the mandatory religious prayers. IS IT CLEAR?
    What do you assume yourself to be.Some sort of a General of a Moral Brigade who will ‘punish’ those who disagree with your bigoted one trek views on ‘Traditions’ and declare me to be some sort of a heretic!
    I assure you that if your plan for Aviary Project becomes a success, I on my part will tender a public apology in press but on your part are you agreeable to discontinue airing your pompous views if your pet project does not bear fruition or fails to take off say by 2011?
    I do not want any change in Religious Ceremonies and as for disposal of corpses a common Bawa is not responsible for failure of the earlier system due to natural causes. Try to understand the feelings and sentiments of others instead of being dictatorial. All are aware how “High” priests are in the pay rolls of certain individuals and how these priests air divergent views depending upon economic status of the concerned individual.
    Lastly, do not assume that you alone are capable of delivering long homilies. You are no AUTHORITY at least on Religious subjects as you falsely assume yourself to be.Others too are more capable but refrain form so doing because they do not wish to
    mis-utilise the facility provided on this blog.

  • No prizes for guessing the motives why one Parsee Colony, (Dadar) resident having chimerical symptoms addresses another resident of the same Colony thru the media of this Message Board.He could have easily communicated personally or by phone but those who beleve that all available avenues should be misutized to propagate their notions of ‘holiness/ religiousness’ think that masses can be hoodwinked by such public exchange of ‘views’ as if they are genuinely exchanged between two individuals.A matter of shame that those who lay claim to be ‘religious’ resort to this type of deception to establish that ‘majority are with us’.

  • “Instead lets focus on the likes of the group of young ( a guy in his early 20’s)and old who actually help the BPP in their endavour like cleaning the dakhmas etc…”
    So now the target group will be youth and to throw dust in the eyes of innocent youngsters unaware of the past background of fake Scholars/Chimerics will be termed a ‘SACRED’ AMBITION!
    Lastly and most importantly, to clean a Dakhma one will have to enter its precincts. Will that be allowed?

  • Behram Dhabhar

    Rustom, Dont you think it is a waste of time to discuss anything with these spineless and nameless creatures. Study the style of writing, it is one and the same person writing under different pseudo names. Do they think we were born yesterday and cannot see thru their game ?

    I for one dont waste my precious time with cowards. I appreciate and salute the others who inspite of having opposing views write under their actual name.

  • farzana

    How many times has anyone seen Behram Dhabhar debating with ‘MEN’? and he has audacity to call others cowards!!

    Coming to the logo…in all seriousness its blue rendering of the sphinx like figure looks very egyptian… and considering it was originally adopted from Assyrrian Androkephalic Bull guard sculptures that once guarded their cities and temples, i wonder whats really Zoroastrian about it in essence?
    I thought ppl who claim to be SCHOLARS OF ZOROASTRIANISM… knew their history well. Darn!! Whatever happened to Puritinism??

    Like i said, these bull-man figures represents BPP aptly as an organisation run by ppl suffering from Multiple Personalities Disorder…


  • True Orthodox Zoroastrian.

    Piloo’s post of 8th demonstrates his/her foresight in establishing the nexus of those indulging in concerted propaganda. Now those who are ‘bowled’ and ‘stumped’ and unable to logically reply issues raised /face facts, are proving themselves as sore losers.
    BTW,as far as I am concerned, my E Mail Id is registered with Parsi Khabar.
    Diatribes are the resort of the frustrated.

  • Farzana,
    Both FPJ and JMJ have become mouthpieces of their respective organisations but what caught my attention in yesterday’s Jame is an Article in Gujarati by a lady named Dhan Baria describing in detail the terrible conditions prevailing in dakhmas.This lady has even challenged a sitting Trustee to deny certain events/incidents that purporteldy occured during August this year.
    And here we have persons lauding another Trustee who wants to erect a Sight Screen to cover up the ugly sight.Such screens may cover visibilty but not the stench.This is nothing but Nazism at its worst.
    My conclusion is that instead of debating this topic,we should quietly watch such Dhongis flounder and fail so that,later on they can not attribute the blame their imminent failure on those whom they falsely call as Reformists.All those who can read Gujarati ought to read this article which will open the eyes of even a die hard protagonist of the failed system.

  • Firoze Hirjikaka

    Pardon my confusion but isn’t fire regarded as the holy of holies by Zoroastrians and therefore, by implication, shouldn’t “trial by fire” be hailed as a purification process? So why are our illustrious “netas” behaving like a bunch of superstitious old women? Also, I may be wrong, but I believe the winged bulls are a symbol of the Achaemenid dynasty and are not not necessarily synonymous with Zoroastrianism – although anyone visiting our agiaris, where these symbols proliferate, would be forgiven for believing that they are.

  • farzana

    Anti-dhongee, i dont subscribe FPJ or JMJ… Im nearly out of the loop… but i believe Dhan Baria if she said the place rots… I remember just last year i had escorted an Iranian friend of mine to Doongerwadi as she was keen to see it…and would you believe she told me she was feeling uneasy with the rotten smell around the place… Frankly i was unable to detect any such odour… but i guess our senses have grown immune to it… Since she was an outsider visiting the place for the first time… the foul odour was easily recognized by her…
    This goes to show the amount of putrefaction and decay of bodies that might be actually taking place behind ‘all is ok’ smoke screen. Ppl who defend such cover ups should be ashamed of insulting dead.

    Firoze, those two bull men are actually ervad behram and rustom looking away when they have no answers!!

  • Farzana,
    Embarssaing as it may be for those who are out to malign others by using filthy adjectives, to -days’ MUMBAI MIRROR in fact confirms what appeared a couple of weeks back in Jame about aviary. This factual exposure nails the ‘economy of facts’ as they appear in Rasna page of FPJ.One wonders why such persons call themseves religious minded and dislike being labelled as DHONGIS.

  • farzana

    haahaa…Anti-dhongee… i read it too… now lets see how many tradition lovers will give up pain killers!!!

    Im happy mainstream media is nailing WAPIZ and their lie in full public glare…muuuhhaaahaaaaaaaa