Parsi body plans vulture breeding to help death rites

The Parsi community of the city — who leave their dead out in the open to be consumed by vultures and were facing problems with disposing their dead with the dwindling number of vultures in the city — are hoping to resolve the problem with an aviary to rear vultures.

By Ashutosh Shukla / DNA

The Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) announced the project at a meeting with the community after the new trutees completed one year. They hope to build an aviary in next three to five years’ time.

It is against the Parsis’ Zoroastrian faith to either bury, burn or submerge their dead as they believe it pollutes the environment. Hence, they leave the bodies at the tower of silence left to be consumed by the vultures.

"Earlier, a proposal was scuttled but we are working on a vulture breeding program. It will also take care of the threat of the drug Diclofenac as we will try and ensure that the human body is Diclofenac-free," said Khojeste Mistree, BPP trustee. It is believed that the vulture population is tapering off because of the intake of drugs like Diclofenac from the human body.

The meet also presented a white paper of sorts and the future plans the BPP has for the community. Among them is a housing project that will see 2,257 spacious flats for the Parsis built in the six colonies in Mumbai. "Of these, 1,457 flats will be allotted free to the Parsis after cross-subsidisation," said Dinshaw Mehta, chairperson of the trustee.

A new logo was also launched with two wind bulls featuring on either side of the BPP. "It is done with a motive to bring healthy interaction and harmony in the community," said Jimmy Mistry. Its symbolic importance represents strength in the physical world, consciousness, and spirituality.

A youth program — Zoroastrian Youth for Next Generation will also be launched with a dedicated website by December that aims to promote healthy interaction, encourage participation, bring a sense of pride in the community, recognise its achievements, promote networking, provide details on scholarship, religious events, jobs, matrimony and lists social events.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    According to a Jame Jamshed Weekly write-up with published photocopies of quoted correspondence in their issue of 25 October, 2009, as recently as October 16, 2009, one Mr. Rishad Naoroji, an authority on avians, has written a rather agitated and strongly worded letter to the BPP Chairman & Board of Trustees against the recurrent media despatches sent by Mr Khojeste Mistree to the English media publications about a make-believe/proposed vulture breeding project at Doongerwadi, which articles tend to mislead the gullible masses among the Parsees.

    The Jame news further states that the Director of BNHS – Mr Asad Rahmani himself, had only two months earlier on August 17, 2009, written to Mr. Mistree at the BPP Office slamming one such story that appeared in a leading daily in mid August this year, therein refuting Khojeste’s false assertions on the subject of starting any vulture conservation breeding centre in Mumbai along with the BPP.

    Notwithstanding, now here again in yet another national paper we have its correspondent filing a report on Khojeste Mistree’s pet project (among other grandiose BPP castles-in-Spain!)

    This is one Trustee who never loses an opportunity to air his pipe-dream in the press, and the BPP function at the Dadar Gymkhana Grounds was another occasion for the Mistree man to sell his flight-of-fancy to a crowd that came not to hear Trustees speak, but for the free dinner and entertainment it offered.

    Instead of flogging a dead horse to rise and take-off, would that the BPP apply the same indefatigable spirit to more important issues that warrant their immediate attention and for which task/s they were voted by their supporters to elected office.

  • Behram Dhabhar

    If you were there at the BPP meet this Sunday you should have heard Khojeste refute each of Jame’s claims. Always hear BOTH sides of the story before jumping to conclusions. Also read the WAPIZ page in the FPJ which beats the hell out of Jame and his coward editor week after week. Thanks to the WAPIZ page, the community now refuses to be brainwashed by the Jame Rag.

  • Remember Julius Ceaser, Mickie. “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars but ourselves that we are underlings” If there are those in our Community who can not distinguish between facts and fiction and are ready to be hoodwinked then such gullible themselves are to blame and not the Trustees. There can not be restrictions on those who want to indulge in flights of fancy. It is the herd mentality in or community which has led to this state of affairs and we have to endure the same. Otherwise these perpetual failures will conveniently shift the blame for their imminent failure on thinking section of the community and claim they they were “prevented from doing good of the Community”. Let the events in future months bear testimony to these ‘achievers’.


  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Piloo, haven’t you heard the saying that it is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument?

    It is the community’s misfortune that the herd mentality (as opposed to the thinking Parsees) fails to accept that for seasoned speakers, words are chameleons to reflect the colour of their environment, and they less-reveal and more-conceal their true purpose within. You cannot impress the masses enough that such people who profess to be religious, even those who worship regularly, show no particular interest in the world beyond themselves. Aspirants lie the loudest because they lie to themselves, just like our artful politicians.

    As for the WAPIZ ad page, it lives up to what Salman Rushdie once opined: ‘What is freedom of expression? Without freedom to offend, it ceases to exist?” Every time one believes that its off-the-tangent, obnoxious criticism can stoop no lower, it outdoes itself.

  • Religious but Rational.

    After being’brainwashed’ by Jame, we are expected to be BRAINWASHED by WAPIZ WISDOM in F P J.!

  • Rustom Jamasji

    Jame’s articles value is quite noted by many times publishing articles and in their next issue the true version coming out by members of the subject writing to it condemning the false baseless write ups metting out so called judgements!!.
    Classic examples of the last sunday’s article by residents of a Parsi colony..condemning Jame’s previous figment of imagination and their charges on the ssue some time back..
    On the issue of persistant pressure for preserving the Vulture as well as ancient system …i guess the spider’s story of Web making and try till one succeeds and also the human selfless endavour to overcome’ shall always be nullified by excuses and being linked to ‘Flogging a dead horse and ofcourse then the only mantra’ Change’..

  • Anti – Dhongisox.

    Can hogwash appearing on Ad pages of FPJ ever succeed in’brainwashing’ anybody? Unless of course the reader is a confirmed nincompoop. Of course what appears in J J is , at times is also motivated.

  • Mickie,
    WHO IS FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE? Pot calling the kettle black/Identity Crisis??
    One blogger by name Pheroz has set out in detail the drugs not banned in India under the write up titled BACK TO VULTURE in Parsi Khabar.
    Old saying,one can fool all persons for some time and some persons for all the time but not all persons at all times.
    The Trustee who ‘refuted’ all the Jame’s claims is renowned for reneging. Remember the Election manifesto of declaring “Assets”, if elected. Perhaps being extremely ‘busy’, he seems to have ‘forgotten’ his poll promise.Or is is he in a state of dis belief that he is indeed a TRUSTEE? After another 6 years he will make his audience at Dadar forget what he spoke in October 2009. People take for granted, public memory to be short.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Pilloo there is certainly no confusion on my part about who is flogging which horse ?

    If the blogger alluded to cannot grasp the content and intent of reasoning of others’ comments, and remains adamant in refusal to acknowledge non-feasibility of this particular proposed project in discussion, that’s the individual’s problem. For this ilk, no amount of explanations will help.

    Dogged determination is always commendable depending on the mission applicable to. Unfortunately it is entirely misplaced in this non-starter undertaking of breeding vultures/building aviary at Doongerwadi. Let our bickering/divided community leave it to the all-wise AHURA to revive extinct vultures especially at our Towers Of Silence, which He will if HE desires that Dokhmenashini remain an established custom for Mumbai Parsees alone. Till then, freedom of choice should rule over illegal religious diktats in our Democracy.

    By the way, you are mistaken my friend _ as long as there are SOME uninformed followers with blind faith, scheming leaders can fool them ALL the time. When even those who are well-read and well-informed wish to join this club, what is left to be said???????

  • To broaden one’s horizons beyond the trash we read in J J and Wapiz page , it would be interesting to read
    Our Religion is certainly spreading and followers increasing – not the Brazilian Substance consuming type.The books referred to on this site are of eminent Parsee Authors.

  • farzana

    “On the issue of persistant pressure for preserving the Vulture as well as ancient system …”

    wakeeey wakkeeey rustom, … we don’t stay in ancient system any more…

    there were no skyscrapers, factories, vehicles running on fuel, psychotic drugs,
    solar panels… remember?…

    And just see the irony…there are more vultures in the world than Parsis… yet Khojestee Mistry is more worried about them than parsis…

    anyway… back to my Parsi peg!!!

  • Behram Dhabhar

    Anti Dhongidox wrote :

    “The books referred to on this site are of eminent Parsee Authors”

    All authors are eminent but one.

  • Farzana,
    “there were no skyscrapers, factories, vehicles running on fuel, psychotic drugs,
    solar panels… remember?”
    Just some additions to your list:

  • farzana

    “NO DICLOFENAC OR NIMESULIDE existed in the ANCIENT times.”

    exactly, anti-dhongi,
    I think those who want to preserve ancient system should pursue their passion seriously and give up living in modern cities or using any modern civic amenities.

  • Mickie & Farzana;
    Please read to -day’s Mumbai Mirror page 2. Those who bragged about “WAPIZ page in the FPJ which beats the hell out of Jame and his coward editor week after week.” will have to do quick rethink how to brainwash the community hereafter unless of course they come up with calling even write up in M.M. as motivated. TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.
    “Exposure” of Lies by those who want to ‘protect and preserve”?

  • Strongly recommend reading Parsi Tari Arsi Column in to -day’s Mumbai Samachar. Those not subscribing to a copy can read it on the Web page. In a lighter vein, it exposes the duplicity of vested interests and confirms the belief of certain bloggers here that the Trustees want to shift the blame for their ‘failure to keep promise’, however absurd, on the falsely labeled Reformists.

  • The fault actually lies with the gullible section of the Parsees who exercised their franchise without applying their minds.If people want to believe falsehood and not what they can actually see with their own eyes, then it is their fault and not the fault of politician type of Trustee material thrown up by so called Adult franchise.

  • One can help a myopic by providing visual aids but what can one do in case of individuals who pretend to be blind and indulge in emotional ‘atyachar’? The Prophet wanted to eliminate superstitions and rituals but our ‘holy Scholars’ want to continue their stranglehold on the community by exploiting fear of the unknown in life after stage.
    According to these Scholars, Karma or Manashni, Gavashni & Kunashni are less significant as compared to adherance to a failed system.

  • Urvax.Motafram

    A couple of months ago, a fortnightly which brazenly is one sided had published an inflamatory article stating use of bovine urine at Doongerwadi. On this portal many Reformist element attempted to magnify it. After publication of the same, the Editor of this fortnightly has given a sudden burial to this topic. Why? Were not the contents of this allegation unfounded? What else.
    The aim of such articles is to incite and foment religious discontent.

  • Dorab.

    If what Urvax claims is correct, what has prevented any Trustee from B.P.P. to refute the contents of Parsiana’s article? A person has earlier stated on this page itself that ‘Always hear BOTH sides of the story before jumping to conclusions. Also read the WAPIZ page in the FPJ which beats the hell out of Jame and his coward editor week after week. Thanks to the WAPIZ page, the community now refuses to be brainwashed by the Jame Rag.’

    With regard to the said article in Parsiana, neither FPJ nor Jame which now ‘santized’ and contains homilies have challenged it.
    WHY SO?

  • Jamshed H Bastani

    Urvax you are right. I am at my wits end to find out the reason why pouring bovine urine on zoroastrian corpses is wrong and had asked this question on this same portal from bloggers who had opposed this move. All I received was a deafening silence. This is what one terms as herd mentality.

    If you are referring to Parsiana, you are just wasting your time. It is a reformist publication and the editorial is always biased.

  • Urvax.Motafram

    If we talk about there being nothing wrong in pouring bovine urine, we would be admitting and conceding that such an act is being performed, which is NOT. TRUE.
    As to your question why it is not wrong, probably even traditionally such an act was not performed in the past and we all believe in upholding past customs /traditions.Moreover, dakmas are consecrated and are equivalent of our fire temples from the point of sacredness.
    The issue here is not if such an act is right or wrong. The point is that the report was fabricated to instigate the community against a time tested tradition. When the same is NOT BEING DONE, why create an hypothetical controvery?.
    I strongly suggest that you being a responsible and a religious minded person as also others with similar bent of mind should also write a letter to Editor of Parsiana and seek an aplogy for hurting the sentiments of Parsees with a baseless ‘news’, incapable of being established.
    Even if the time is wasted as you say, it will be worth the cause.BPP Trustees should send a legal notice and sue them if they can not establish the authenticity of their ‘News’.

  • Boman Patel

    Bastani raises a question which he assumes has ALL stumped.
    All along we have talked ‘ This is not as per tenets of Vandidad” So Bastani, where it is said in Vandidad to pour bovine urine on the mortal remains?
    That way does Vandiad specifically prohibit cremation or burial?
    If so how does one justify Tombs of Zoroastrian Monarchs.
    One gets answers within his own ‘intelligent’ question.

  • Ratan Elavia

    Jamshed Bastani

    This is the information I got from a dasturji as regards your question.
    1.Taro (bovine urine) is used to bathe a Zoroastrian corpse prior to Sachkar.
    2.The ground on which a Dakhma is to be constructed is first washed with Taro.
    3.When a Dakhma is cleaned all pavis are washed with Taro, not water.
    4.All devout zarathushtris begin the day by reciting the ablution formula and apply Taro on hands, legs and face.
    5.Taro is used in every Nahn at the time of joyous occasions.
    6.When death occurs at home, the entire house is first washed with Taro, allowed to dry, then washed with water.

    Though Dakhma is a consecrated place much like our Agiaris, water cannot be used since it is a Nasa khana and water cannot come into contact with Nasa. Taro has been in use even when vultures were present for regular cleaning of Dakhmas when in temporary disuse. Here the primary reason why Taro is being used (if at all it is used) is to camouflage the stench which is well within our religious injunctions.

  • farzana

    if you scan though earlier pages. you’ll find, what Urvax.Motafram and Jamshed H Bastani have commented here, is identical to comments placed earlier on this blog..not only in content but even the style of writing. You’ll find bloggers/bakwas masters like DHABHAR, Shazad Irani, Firoz Adaz, Puff, Awari, Gudi Pestanjee, Delnavaz, apg, Mazda,Rathesthar and how can one forget the latest addition,A Pardiwala who have shared identical words, identical thoughts and identical lawaaro unlimited. The liberals and the rational will be to happy if they indeed lodge their ‘protest’ against Parsiana for their expose.

    I leave it to you to draw your own conclusion.

    I too feel why the Fatwa happy BPP Board have not ‘clarified’ on the issue if the truth (!) was on their side.Why those who said a few years back that Solar Panels were not in conformity with Zoroastrian Theology are now silent?? Suppressing facts and misleading the simple minded is their only Strong point.

    Regarding the issue, there is nothing Zoroastrian about Zoroastrianism practiced by Parsis today, except the name. In Zarathushtrian philosophy, human beings are considered FREE and INTELLIGENT. Gathas are replete with verses urging followers to APPLY Good Mind to choose between the right and the wrong, between GOOD and EVIL. On a broader scale Zarathushtra had minimized the role of ‘Kakko-Kharo’ type priestly class by granting free will to his followers. Obviously, SOME Priests with vested self interests were not too pleased with their new not so significant a position. So you see, through ages, Gathas are deliberately sidelined, while books like Vendidad written by fella Mobeds, hundreds of years after Zarathushtra, extolling the role of Mobeds as chief custodians of faith is projected as a de facto scriptures of the faith.

    Read this –

    According to the late Professor Nyberg, the Zarathushtrian religion spread first among the Medes and then among the Persians. It appears that the Median Magi were clever enough to see the danger the Zarathushtrian Doctrine posed to their beliefs. They soon pretended to be the orthodox supporters of the new religion. The Magi were the religious leaders of the Median people. They had the monopoly of performing religious rituals. Their profession was hereditary, and their leadership was quite usual for the laity to follow.

    Their strategy saved them their former position in the new religion. They gradually introduced all their beliefs, rituals and customs under the garb of Zarathuhstra’s teachings. The Zarathushtrian doctrine came under the influence of the Magi. As a result, spiritual freshness was gradually replaced by hard and in many instance impractical rules and regulations. The Zarathushtrian Doctrine was against magic and superstitions. It recognized the work and progress as true worship. It raised man’s position and introduced principles, which forbade the monopoly of a distinct priestly class which would control human resources by means of superstitions. Zarathushtra replaced hypocrisy and deceit with virtue and excellence. He advocated freedom of will and intellect. The Zarathushtrian religion was greatly harmed by the Median Magi. It suffered much. They interfered in public affairs and gave them a religious hue. They controlled one’s life from birth to death.


    History repeated itself when Iran was brought under islamic chaliphate. The Zoroastrian Mobeds who were used to seeing themselves as infallible center of power saw rug pulled from under their feet.So SOME of them escaped to safer shores, while SOME were quick to embrace the new faith-Islam, in order to hold on to their position, … Their Pet Vendidad was morphed into tenets of Koran. Therefore its not surprising that present day Shia’ism is closer to Zoroastrianism practiced under Sassanid rule than it is to pristine Sunni Islam practiced by Wahabbis. The Shia Iranians continued with most Zoroastrian rituals under new names, including prayers of mushkil asan ..with Behram yazad replaced by Imam Ali.

    Ofcoz there were good, honest and dedicated Zoroastrian priests who stayed back in Iran and faced hardships,poverty and religious persecution but did their best to live up to the duty of a priest as long as they lived. By 16th Century, 95% of Iran was forcefully converted to Shia’ism.

    Anyway the gist is, Religious Customs and Traditions are man made, laws addressing specific situations under specific conditions crafted by ppl with selfish motives. They are neither divine, nor are they infallible.


  • Voice of Reason

    Even though Mr. Elavia has addressed his post specifically to Bastani, I seek following clarifications.
    1) Is it not true that TARO means bulls urine, i.e. of MALE BOVINE?
    2) Does the urine of feminine of bovine species qualify to be called TARO?
    3) In the recent past somebody had sarcastically commented that in Panjrapole from where this ‘antiseptic cum stench suppresor is reported to be sourced (as per Parsina’s report) would also mean ‘adulteration’ of urine of other animals and menstrual bleeding of feminine animals.Is this as per Tenets of our Religion?
    4)Elavia says that ‘.Taro (bovine urine) is used to bathe a Zoroastrian corpse prior to Sachkar”. He further adds ‘water cannot be used since it is a Nasa khana and water cannot come into contact with Nasa” I HAVE SEEN ZOROASTRIAN DEAD BEING GIVEN A BATH IN ATTACHED BATHROOMS OF BUNGLIS WITH WATER FROM THE TAP. IS ELAVIA SUGGESTING THAT TAPS IN BATHROOMS OF BUNGLIS EMIT TARO AND NOT WATER.?
    Elsewhere somebody has said that rainwater falling on corpses also means defilement of nature. It is a fact that rainwater is bound to touch the exposed corpses.

  • Dorab.

    Hi Voice of Reason.,
    Be reasonable. Ratan has clarified that whatever he has stated is based on information provided to him by a Priest. In other words whatsoever he has stated is hearsay. Understood?
    The Priest who gave information to Ratan, may have got the same from an elder priest of a different decade.So whatever is said in the post of Ratan can be summed up ASSUMPTIONS, PRESUMPTIONS in short HEARSAY.Nothing direct.

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    The majority of names of ‘Bakwasmasters’ mentioned by you in your post of 24th inst are illusory and created by one solitary individual who thinks he is an authority on our religion and who ‘utilises’ nocturnal hours in his 9th floor flat in a Parsi Society in Parel in such ‘productive’ activities.He believes that if he posts messages under different names he will be able to create an illusion that several individuals share his opinion.
    One another person whose two aliases you have named and who lives in another Parsee Colony in the closest suburb wanted to ‘silence’ the persons who raised pertinent questions. Ultimately he himself has disappeared from this portal after exposing his limited intellectual prowess. Instead of teaching others these two are now ‘learning’ bitter lesson of not to measure others by their own standards of ‘knowledge’.

  • Ratan Elavia


    1.Taro is urine from the “kine” family. It can be from a cow / bull / buffalo. Do not confuse Taro with Nirang.
    3.I have no idea of Parsiana’s report. It maybe misleading.
    4.You are right. In sachkar water cannot be used but some Dungerwadi staff still use water to bath a corpse. This is plain ignorance. When relatives insist on Taro, sufficient quantity is made available at all times and should be used only.
    5.Rainwater falling inside the Dakhma does not constitute a sin. Pls refer Vendidad Fargarad 5.4

  • Voice of Reason

    Mr. Elavia,
    You say ‘In sachkar water cannot be used but some Dungerwadi staff still use water to bath a corpse. This is plain ignorance.”
    Your comment is most surprising because even before 2008 elections, the Scholar on Zoroastrianism was on Doongerwadi Committee and now since 2008 he happens to be a BPP Trustee. Your remark therefore suggests that this person, now a Trustee is unaware of unZoropastrian practice as you term it?
    Plain reading of Parsiana;s report suggests that urine is procured from Panjrapole and Panjrapole has all types of animals. Besides. urine of female bovine can mixed up with menstrual bleeding which fact CAN NOT BE IGNORED.

  • Voice of Reason

    May I know why my above comment is still awaiting moderation even after 6 days? I believe I have not said anything offensive or derogatory. I have merely given a reasoned and logical argument that if one accepts contention of Rattan Elavia then the BPP Trustees in charge of Doongerwadi are brazenly allowing ‘irreligious practice’ then such Trustees are either not taking interest in their work or are unable to effectively manage the man power. Is that offensive?

  • Voice Of Reason

    For some reason both your comments showed up at the same time. Even though the earlier one has a date stamp from six days ago.

    Maybe there was a glitch in the commenting module. I will look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Ratan Elavia


    I have only commented from a religious point of view and am not into Parsi politics as to who is doing what. Most present day Parsis are averse to applying Taro on their bodies with the excuse that it is filthy bull piss. Such Parsis would not allow taro to be applied on the corpse of their dear relatives. It maybe for this reason that the BPP allows water to be used during Sachkar. This is just my opinion.

    As regards Parsiana I do not subscribe to or read that publication. I guess most of what is written by the Editor maybe his viewpoint and not necessarily true.
    You may read more on the Parsiana Editor at or refer to the Wapiz page on 9th July 2010 in Free Press Journal.
    The gentleman who supplies Taro to Doongerwadi also distributes it to various Agyaris in Bombay, so adequate precautions will be taken. You may verify this independently.

  • Voice of Reason

    Mr. Elavia,
    Like you, I too am not interested in politics. My endeavour is only to know the facts. You say that whatever appeared in Parsiana may be views of its Editor and as such may not be facts. By the same reckoning what makes contents of WAPIZ page in FPJ scarosanct truth that one is expected to rely on.
    The contents of current FPJ WAPIZ page are diatribes on contents of Parsiana. THAT SIR IS ALSO A PART OF POLITICS. There is nothing even remotely religious about it. Thats the incovenient truth.

  • Shaimak Madon

    Quoting one R Jamasji ‘On the issue of persistant pressure for preserving the Vulture as well as ancient system …i guess the spider’s story of Web making and try till one succeeds’
    So can we know the progress report in the direction of Vulture breeding. One person by name Dhabhar said hereabove ‘Thanks to the WAPIZ page, the community now refuses to be brainwashed by the Jame Rag.’ Jame has ceased to be a News Paper but surprisingly even WAPIZ page which is assumed to have represented the ‘factual side’ is surreptitiously refraining from boasting of ‘achievements’ on this aspect of Vulture breeding. WHY? What makes persons like Jamasji and Dhabhar any different than previous Editor of Jame?

  • piloo_2

    Shaimak, Shaimak,

    Undisputably,Behram Dhabhar is correct. Jame is really a rag by imitating FPJ WAPIZ page.

  • Byram Sidhwa

    Behram Dhabhar 30 October 2009 at 1:02 pm #
    “If you were there at the BPP meet this Sunday you should have heard Khojeste refute each of Jame’s claims. Always hear BOTH sides of the story before jumping to conclusions. Also read the WAPIZ page in the FPJ which beats the hell out of Jame and his coward editor week after week. Thanks to the WAPIZ page, the community now refuses to be brainwashed by the Jame Rag.”
    Very strong language and a forceful plea made by a staunch self styled saviour some fourteen months back. Can this person who I am told is a savant on Zoroastrianism, inform the lay Parsees of the developments in the area of AVIARY?
    His silence will imply that all those who earlier disagreed with him were more sensible and realistic who did not fall prey to what he terms as ‘ Khojeste refute each of Jame’s claims’
    So who has turned out to be a rag – Jame in its earlier avtar or false claims of Khojeste and credibility of the above quoted pompous paragraph. The credibility of the Trustee speaker at the said meeting is now doubtful, so speak up even if it means a stale egg on your face. Else your own earlier quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser ” Cowards die many a times before their death…..” earlier hurled against those whom you termed as deformists will recoil on you and then common bawas will soon conclude who is an ACTUAL DEFORMIST.

  • Dorab.

    @ B Sidhwa,
    Average Parsee now know clearly the character and calbre of bluffmasters who are now exposed and tall talkers. No need to add insult to their self inflicted injury.
    I assume that such men were gullible enough to repose trust in the words of the speaker trustee who took the audience for a ride, not reading the writings on the wall.
    There are some who know not what they put on the blog but blog they must, to earn five minutes of fame and such publicity seekers have had to pay a heavy price in terms of their ‘reputation’. One reaps as he sows.
    At least take comfort that such ‘geniuses’ will no longer pen posts in their own genuine names and take refuge in expressing their ‘expert’ views in a rag of a newspaper as they themselves have called.

  • Dorab.

    With much tall claims, BPP announced that the members of the Community will no longer have to rely on “Reformist ” Mumbai samachar for reading Paidast, as they had started a Website for the same.
    One does not know whether to laugh or cry at these ‘achivers’.Most of the time this website is not updated. Just visit this website and press dates 6th Feb and 7th Feb.See the result. Compare the same with obit column in Mumbai Samachar. BPP ‘s website is UNRELIABLE. If one discontinues Mumbai samachar, we will end up missing offering last respects to the person known to us.