All Parsi Quiz Results Announced

Team Flashy consisting of Homiar Hathiram, Farhad Choksi and Eric Mehta won the Annual All – Parsi Quiz contest took place on Sunday Novermber 22, 2009 at the Rustom Baug Pavilion. There were twenty teams in all and the quiz was mainly on History, geography, sports, our religion, hollywood n bollywood. The written qualifying rounds were held in the afternoon and the three teams with the highest scores were selected for the finals.

The finals took place at the Rustom Baug lawns and was well attended. The audience too was involved in some questions. Homiar, Farhad and Eric of Team Flashy are all ex KC College classmates. They have continued to participate in quizzes etc in the midst of their hectic professional lives working for MNC’s here in Bombay. The quiz organisers led by Mr. and Mrs Aderbad (of Rustom Baug) did a very good job. The quizmaster Arash Shahriarian did a great job at holding up everyone’s interest and getting the audience involved in the whole process. The gifts were generous and the top prize was Rs. 15,000 plus other items.

Parsi Khabar congratulates the winning team and all other participants in this annal event.

  • Would have loved to take part ….wrong geo location

  • arnavaz havewala

    i knew of this quiz.
    my kid wanted to take part, but three contestants were required, so she was left out.
    how sad…
    what do people who are alone and want to make a team do?

  • arash

    was one great event…hope it grows as time passes by……great job by behram and ruby aderbad