Paris Bakery

paris bakery The opening line from an old and much loved nursery rhyme buzzed around my ears, as I walked to the romantically named Paris Bakery recently. The origin of the name of this perennially crowded shop, located halfway down the narrow Our Lady of Dolours Church lane, off Princess Street, is shrouded in rather vague and varied reasons.

But does that matter, when one can ‘eat one’s cake – and have it too’?

Its present owners are Tafti Iranis, originally from the small Iranian village of Taft. The affable Kaikhushroo Ardeshir Nejadkay, who hails from a family of agriculturists, arrived in Bombay at the tender age of ten, and worked with his father as an assistant baker at their Brabourne Bakery in Chira Bazaar, concentrating only on breads.

The family acquired the present Paris Bakery in 1963 from its previous Irani owners and turned things around for themselves and for us, forever.

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[Hat Tip: Regular reader and friend of Parsi Khabar, Mickie Sorabjee]

Paris Bakery, 278, Dr. C. H. Street, Our Lady Of Dolours Church Lane, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai – 400 002. Tel: 022 2208 6619

  • Homiyar Bilimoria

    Paris bakery is one of the best Irani bakeries in Mumbai and all their products are top quality products. Besides the good quality of the products, the friendly service one gets at the bakery needs to be mentioned and appreciated.

    Whenever we visit Mumbai, a visit to Paris Bakery is a must, to take back their products to Muscat for us as well as our friends.

    With its popularity, they need to expand into a bigger premises and a better location.

  • vmg

    Yes even though i am from surat and very loyal to our bakeries, i vote the paris bakery biscuits as too good to be true . My son had brought some cheese buiscuits which were just too yummm !! Since then whenever i go or anyone comes from mumbai we see to it that we get our share of thier yummies.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to thank the Paris Bakery.’

  • Pl do try a vist to Merwans at Andheri.
    The quality is just superb and prices quite affordable. Cakes and biscuits can compete with Cake Shops.of 5 star Hotels.

  • Homiyar Bilimoria

    Yes Piloo, I agree that Merwan at Andheri is also very good, but then you cannot compare Paris with Merwans. Both have their own strengths. While Paris is ideally located in South Mumbai, Merwan is ideal for those staying north of Bandra.

  • Meher Rayomand Palsetia

    For me Paris Bakery is Good in its own way n Meherwans at Andheri Station is Good in its own way.