Bombay Parsi Panchayat Election 2008 Results

UPDATED: With figures.

From various sources, we have been informed that the election results are as below

The 7 new trustees of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat are.

Figures from WAPIZ website.
Arnavaz Mistry 10,029
Dinshaw Mehta 6,791
Jimmy Rusi Mistry 6,587
Khojeste P Mistry 5,292
Yazdi H Desai 5,100
Rustom Sheriar Tirandaz 4,789
Noshir H. Dadrawala 4,680

Figures from WAPIZ website.

  • Siloo Kapadia

    Thank you for the results. But what do they all stand for? What changes will take place? What political affiliation do they have?

  • phiroz

    What caused the debacle of AFP 7, all swept away. Is it voter apathy?
    How many voters came from South Gujarat? What has Jame to say for this outcome?
    Is it the voters age profile that decided this coalition outcome? Have the voters swallowed the stupid story of Religion in danger?Will this coalition last for even three years?
    After 7 years, the electorate would have shrunk by at leat seven thousand. Till then endure what you can not cure.

  • Sohrab N Panthaky

    Victory of Arnavaz Mistry and Rustom Sheriar Tirandaz is significant as they spent very little to canvas. In the end,their service to the poorest of the poor and those who need a helping hand, reflected in their victory. Jimmy Rusi Mistry whose canvasing was flamboyant, got the votes as he has shown inclination to help the poor mobeds and the youth of the Parsi community.All in all, it is a red letter day for the Parsi community, who have voted for “good thoughts, good words and good deeds”.
    There are some dedicated social workers who fought the elections, but were not elected. My earnest appeal to the elected Trustees to utilise their services for the good of the community. —–Sohrab N Panthaky

  • siloo chothia

    well done arnavaz, we always knew you would win but winning by such a big majority shows the deep respect and confidence our community has for you….keep up the good work.

  • meher modi

    This is a victory for the Orthodox.

    This is a victory for our religion at this crucial juncture the people have rejected the Hetrodoxy and have elected as Rustam Tirandaz put it yesterday. The 7 you have elected are perhaps not the best but they are definately the best that offered themselves for the job.

    I hope as a community we will start working and stop slinging mud and pulling people down.

    Parsis/ Iranis are you listening ?

  • Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey

    I agree with Ms. Siloo Kapadia i.e. Thanks for the results but some on these chaps would be good especially what their platforms are and what they want to achieve and in what direction do they want to take the community.

    Also, I hope that the Parsi community will not go back to being apathetic about the Punchayat and its Board. The Board is there to serve the Parsi community and NOT the other way around.

    So I hope the good hard-working Parsis who have worked so hard to get this new Board will hold the Board responsible for its actions and I hope the Board will be approachable AND responsive in an open and transparent manner.

    This kind of action byt the Board will go a long way in re-instilling the confidence of the regular Parsis in their Board of Trustees.

    May Ahura Mazda guide the Board in their role of looking after the Parsi community and bless all Parsi and Irani Zarthoshtis the world over.

  • NND

    Its a complete landslide in favor of the conservatoives and traditionalists. None of the liberals really won. At least the community has given a mandate. It goes to show that we as a community are still mostly traditional though the ultra reformist fringe does control the press and tends to make the most noise.

  • DJ

    To all my brothers and sisters who want to preserve our religion the way it is… dont get cocky.. We have won .. this time.. but the people who want to change our religion will just regroup and come around again when the next elections roll around. They have learnt their lessons and next time im sure will use less smear tactics to appear politically palatable. Who knows they may even stop beating up women to get their point across.

    Dont get complacent, don’t take things for granted. Remember, stay strong, stick to the facts and our religious tenets, and lets not give them an inch. Teach your fellow Zarthusti’s what the correct ways are. Lets put an end once and for all to the sheer ignorance that is plaguing us as a community. Many of us know what the right thing to do is but we don’t know WHY. If that’s the case, go our and learn, you wont regret it. Never let anyone ridicule your religious way of life because we have been practicing this way for millennia.

    They can do all their fa fa overseas.. But India is our turf.. always has been, and hopefully always will be. Even though im overseas, you have my undying support.

  • aban

    The fact that a priest who was branded as “renegade” (whatever that means)could garner over 1000 votes speaks eloquently about the rational elements in the community.
    What about the priests who performed UTHAMNA of late JRD and that too at Doongerwadi.-Are they to be called conformists?

  • Jamshed

    Atlast the true Parsi’s have come out victorious. None of the so called “Liberals” stood a chance…gone with the wind……some of then use to comment a lot on changing and dissolving us (read previous comments)…

    This victory strengthen our faith in the survival of the PARSI community.

  • Jamshed

    Details on what the new trustees stand for is on :

    And also what changes will come, is visible from their standing.
    But to give a hint, they stand for all that we as a community needed.

  • Minoo M. Patel

    Now that the elections are over and the new board of trustees get set to go, let us look at the manifestos of the trustees who have won. It is for the electorate to be more vigilant than before and ensure that the trustees do only that what the community desires.
    As for the mandarins who remain glued to their seats in the BPP offices, let them understand that their god fathers are no more gods or fathers. Deliver or get delivered to the warmth of your houses since we need doers and not sycophants or self styled zealots. You are not important to the community just because you have put in endless years doing nothing. At best you have been misfits in your professions and callings and found a place to nest in the alcoves of the BPP, not because of your work qualities but because you knew Mr.So & So, who used you to further their own agenda.

    Big Brother is now wathching you.

  • Jey

    That’s rich coming from a thief like you Sohrab. Don’t preach what you can’t follow

  • Jey

    That’s rich coming from a thief like you Sohrab. Don’t preach what you can’t follow