Seven candidates emerge victorious in Bombay Parsi Panchayat polls

Mumbai, October 23 : New trustees vow to work in harmony and revamp BPP

After three weeks of polling, the votes for the first ever Bombay Parsi Panchayat (BPP) elections were counted on Wednesday evening, putting seven new trustees at the helm of affairs for the next seven years. The onus will now lie on the new leadership to revamp the BPP.

The seven candidates who emerged victorious, among the 32 candidates, were Arnavaz Mistry, Dinshaw Mehta, Jimmy Mistry, Khojeste Mistry, Yazdi Desai, Rustom Tirandaz and Noshir Dadrawala. While the candidates represented different groups or stood for the elections independently, they unanimously agreed to work together to bring about changes in the BPP.

“There is a need to create harmony among ourselves. We have had a good beginning at the first meeting, and we will have to work together in the future,” says Noshir Dadrawala, who believes that the new blood would help in creating an energetic leadership, full of new ideas and enthusiasm.

“Now that the dust has settled, we’re looking forward to put all the controversies around the elections behind us,” he added.

Trustee, Jimmy Mistry, feels that the new committee will not face much problem in taking over new role because all the members have been familiar with community service. “We are not new to this and we all have done a fair amount of community service in the past. We need to get started to make the changes in the first year and present a united face to the community,” said Mistry, who believes that the present leadership must encourage a more corporate-style management at the BPP.

“Though the elections were fairly bitter during the time of canvassing, but we must work together now because we’re accountable to the entire community. We have to live up to our manifestos,” said trustee Khojeste Mistree.

“We have decided to work in harmony and overcome difficulties as mature adults. It’s going to be a tough job ahead for the next seven years, but I am optimistic about it,” he added.

The seven trustees will have their first board meeting on Monday.  

  • Mal

    Khojeste Mistry didnt deserve to win the BPP.


    Yes Piloo, very true. You have mentioned the case of 2 Munnabhais ealier working in the same Bank one of whom has now donned the robe of Social worker and another that of HRD Consultant respectively.Their ‘illustrious’ past is known to many if not all.
    A shame for a community to be taken for a ride by such charlatans.But besides these two, there are many such “Social workers” with personal Agendas. There was a time when Akabaars had upright followers and supporters. We can fondly remember such past Trustees who were Raja Bhoj compated to Ganga Telis of 2009.A price of Adult Frenchise the community will pay thru its nose.

  • phiroz

    I for one will not be astonished if these “Munnabhais” offer their services to the community in 2015 B.P.P.Elections. Some ‘leaders/ scholars/High Priests” may find ‘Trustee material’ in such “Munnabhais” and support their candidature so that lid remains tight on their performance/ deeds between 2008 to 2015.Time will tell.

  • Anti Dhogidox

    Believer in Truth harps on “Religious Scholsr” praying in a famous fire temple facing the northern direction of the Keblah. Do you expect devotees to carry a Mariners Compass in the Fire Temple. to ascerain the “Disha”? It is for the Trustees to display boards showing Northern direction.Be reasonable.This famous fire temple, with lot of devotion an sanctity has a a panthaky whose spouse rebukes all devotees for indiscretions, genuine or imaginary. This cantakerous woman who thinks that this holy temple happens to be her proprietory concern has installed a Reliance Walky Telephone within the precincts i.e. in the Main Hall.adjacent to sancum sanctorum. Reliance Walky has been classified as a Mobile. While rightly, the devotees are urged to switch off the mobiles, this Reliance Walky running on air waves disturbs devotees with musical Ring Tones.
    And ironically this WAPIZ Scholar does not consider this phone in the Fire temple 7 feet away from Keblah as interfering with religious tenets. Of the 4 Trustees recently appointed in this Fire Temple, only one female Trustee is found working diligently and though a devout Zoroastrain, she finds nothing objectionable in Reliance Walky in the main hall of the Agiary. Of course the “Scholar” also turns a Nelson Eye because he is treated as more than equal.Can we expect our Prioests to command respect with this double standards.?