Complete list of Candidates for BPP Elections 2008


Below is a complete list of candidates registered for the seven positions of trusteeship, open for elections in 2008.

The list is sorted alphabetically.

  • Phiroze Amroliwalla
  • Muncherji Cama
  • Shirin Choksey
  • Noshir Dadrawala
  • Soli Dastur
  • Yezdi Desai
  • Dr. Ketayun Dinshaw
  • Tehmton Dumasia
  • Urvax Dhanda
  • Maneck Engineer
  • Sarosh Gandhi
  • Adil Irani
  • Dr. Syrus Irani
  • Byram Jeejeebhoy
  • Darayus Kabraji
  • Viraf Kapadia
  • Bomi Kavina
  • Yazdi Madon
  • Dinshaw Mehta
  • Framroze Mirza
  • Khojeste Mistree
  • Arnavaz Mistry
  • Jimmy Mistry
  • Keki Mistry
  • Nadir Modi
  • Tehmasp Mogul
  • Farrokh Munsiff
  • Danesh Nejadkay
  • Er. Yezdi Panthaki
  • Cyrus Patel
  • Kersi Patel
  • Rustom Tirandaz
  • Dr. Kuresh Zorabi
  • Kersi J. Divecha

    Dear Sir
    Please let me know how I can find out whether my name is in the voting list and no.

  • Siloo Kapadia

    It would be nice to know where they all stand on the issues. I have read only a few comments. What about the rest?

    It woudl also be good to know any party affiliation.