Voting Schedule for Bombay Parsi Panchayat Elections 2008

The following is the scheduled voting days and locations for the forthcoming BPP elections.

Saturday October 4th 2008: Khareghat Memorial Hall, Hughes Road,Mumbai- 400 007.

Sunday October 5th 2008: Rustom Baug,Byculla.

Saturday October 11th 2008: SirJ.J. School Building, Fort. Mumbai

Sunday October 12th: Sir Shapurji Bharucha Baug,Andheri (West).

Saturday October 18th: Sir J.J. School Building, Fort.Mumbai.

Sunday October 19th: J.B.Vatcha School, Dadar. Mumbai 400 014

  • Parizad Irani

    Biggest farce in such a small community.

    Unplanned elections, unsystematic operations & total mess. I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that 48 hours before elections, no candidate should canvass. Whilst I was waiting patiently for 2 hours, candidates as well as their supporters were canvassing & passing around pamphlets (which is totally illegal). Secondly, when the trustees say that BPP has no funds, may I question from where has so much money being pumped in for canvassing? I am sure crores must have been spent on the lavish dinners thrown in, sweet boxes, drinks distributed etc.

    I only wish instead of wasting the money, all this money was utilized on housing for the poor (who are kept waiting listed till the end of their lives). Who says that BPP is loss making!!!!

    What a way to earn votes!!! It is a shame and I am really ashamed to be a part of this community.

    I just pray that Lord Ahuramazad guides this community in a rightful manner.

  • Delnavaz

    Hey Parizad,
    I share your feelings. Where is Jimmy M. getting his funds from, why is he spending so much ? What frightens me, is that once a candidate wins the election, he may be hoping to milk the trusts our ancestors have left for various noble causes. Most people attending the meetings etc. are more interested in the free refreshments being served there. I used to think it is only in the poorer sections of our Country which could be won over by distributing free gifts !
    We need a code of ethics for the BPP electionswhich needs to be strictly implemented.

  • Girls,

    Why dont you join PRG which is run by Jimmy rather than sitting here and talking about refreshments and sweets being passed around.

    Before talking about such things, please ask yourselves, what you have done for your community.

    If giving refreshments to our fellow Parsis standing in this heat is not charity, then what is?

    Jimmy is not in here to loot the BPP. All along these bloody old bawas have looted us. Now when a young Parsi guy comes along to improve the system, you should encourage him and not go around distributing shit.

    Unless of course you represent one of those old tharki bawas.

  • Delnavaz

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘tharki bawas’. But let us get to the main point, dont you think Jimmy has done a much more than ”giving refreshments to our fellow Parsis”? True charity is when you are willing to donate (or help) from your own hard earned money to needy people without announcing to all and sundry. Zubin, you may not agree with some of the things being posted on this site or any other. However, I am sure your arguments can be gentler, without all the animosity you have displayed.

  • Sunny ray

    Well truth is that Jimmy is a small time construction industry goon who has made it Big. He is known to beat his employees, his language is worse than that of pimp. ( I would have said toilet cleaners ,…. but that would be insulting those people.) and he is someone who will cheat and steal to make his way to the top.
    If this is the face of new parsi leadership then the downfall has already begun and accelerated.
    The community will die in shame in only a few decades if this man is not rooted out like a weed(no offense to weeds)