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Farzin Batlivala: 7 year old found starved to death

When neighbours broke open the door of Farzin Batlivala’s house and rushed the inert child to the hospital, doctors were horrified to find not a single particle of food in her body By Manoj R Nair in the Mumbai Mirror The death of a 7-year-old half-Parsi girl from hunger has rammed home the sharp reality…Read More

Bid to exploit Kappawala agiary land thwarted

An attempt to commercially exploit a portion of Tardeo’s Kappawala agiary (fire temple) land by one of the trustees has been scuttled after the charity commissioner rejected an application seeking permission to conduct the redevelopment. The fire in this agiary was consecrated way back in 1857 (the year of the Mutiny), but the imposing building…Read More

Persian king a barbarian: Parsis are not amused

Unknown to many, Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster of the year 300 , which has caused a major uproar in Shia Iran because of its depiction of a historical battle, denigrates a much-revered Persian king, who was a Parsi by birth. Parsis in Mumbai said they are not surprised — Western history has always portrayed their ancestors…Read More

Some Christmas”magic” may have done a disappearing act

The below posted article is something that we completely detest. People with no intellectual prowess to actually research and educate the readers are now columnists in newspapers. The only reason we carry this article is because we want the world to know how wrong the article is. Please read it with a pinch of salt…Read More