2019 Muktad in Southern California


August 26, 2019

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Our dear friend Ervad Zarrir Bhandara has been the leading mobed in the Los Angeles area for nearly three decades. He writes in about the most recent Muktad prayers…

My dear family and friends,

I sincerely thank you all for your participation in the solemn Muktad ceremony thus making our efforts more worthwhile and for giving me the opportunity to advance spiritually by satisfying your spiritual needs. I would also like to thank you for your contributions towards the 28th Muktad ceremony in  Southern California, and the third at our ZAC Atashkadeh. The previous 25 years the Muktad ceremonies were conducted at our home, it was also was my 48th year of doing the Muktad prayers.

Here, I would also like to thank Ervad Jal Birdy who participated in all ten days’ prayers and Ervad Ardaeviraf Minocheherhomji for his participation as and when time permitted.

During these holy days of Muktad we performed the following prayers:

41 satums, 4 satums/day for 10 days plus a farewell Satum on the night of the 5th Gatha

16 Jashans/ Afringans, 1 afargan on Ashishwangh roj, 1 Jashan/Afringan per day for 10 days. The Hamaspathmaedhem Gahambar Jashan in the morning on the 4th Gatha. A New Years Jashan on Navroze morning. The Rapithwin Jashan on Ardibehest roj and the Khordadsal Jashan.

10 Farokhsis 1 Farokshi/day for 10 days.

This year Zerkxis performed 24 Baaj ceremonies (Baaj is one of the inner liturgies, a Pav Mehel Kriya within the family of the Yajashne, Vendidad, and Nirangdin). We are the only community outside India to have this ceremony performed regularly.

The Bui was offered to our Atash Padshah 5 times a day.

I am sure you must be wondering how many names of our dear departed loved ones we were remembering in the prayers, any guess? well they were upwards of 450 names, with 41 vases plus the Hama Anjuman vase.