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At the WZO Center in Navsari The Wedding Bells Toll A Second Time

At the WZO Center in Navsari The Wedding Bells Toll A Second Time

DESTINY PLAYS ITS PART FOR SECOND NUPTIAL AT WZO TRUST FUNDS BAI MANECKBAI P. B. JEEJEEBHOY SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER AT NAVSARI. By: Dara M. Rivetna On September 16, 2016 early in the morning there was a lot of Tam-dum & preparations for a traditional Parsi Wedding.  As some of the lady members of the staff…

Navroze Around The World

For most people across the world, March 20th signifies little more than early morning rush hours, household chores and office deadlines to meet. They go about their business as per usual which — if you are in this veritable freezer known as Canada — probably includes a whole lot of snow shovelling before you can…

Keeping Zoroastrianism alive after 3,000 years: BBC Report

On the occassion of the Parsi New Year, the BBC ran a special telecast of the Navroze ceremonies from the STFE headquarters in London. They also ran a short segment about Zoroastrianism Robert Pigott of BBC reports… Followers of one of the world’s oldest religions have been celebrating their holiest day of the year, with…

Muktad Days: When The Souls Come Visiting

Ervad Marzban Hathiram at writes a very informative piece on the Muktad Days at the end of the Parsi Calendar year. Ten days before the Parsi New Year, fire temples around the city are dotted with roses and other flowers. One can see Parsi families dressed in spotless white, heads covered with scarves or…

Nowruz Celebrations in China: Xinjiang Uyghur

Nowruz Festival is a traditional holiday with a long history. In Xinjiang, all national minority believe in Islam celebrate the festival. The word came from Iranian, means “Spring Water“, equating to vernal equinox (4th solar term). It falls on March 22. Before Uyghur national minority believed in Islamism, they worshiped many gods such as sun…

Zoroastrians Observe Sadeh Festival in Iran

Iran’s Zoroastrian community held the Jashn-e-Sadeh Festival for celebrating the discovery of fire on the 10th of the Iranian month of Bahman (which coincided this year with Jan. 29). Considered one of the biggest Persian festivities in ancient times, Jashn-e-Sadeh — also known as the day of kindness — is celebrated by Zoroastrians throughout the…Read More

Celebrations of the Baroda Parsis

The following is a communique from Dinkoo Mistry of Vadodra (Baroda). We would love to carry such news and pictures of various Parsi celebrations in cities around the world. If you are a reader and would like to send us write-ups to be published here get in touch with us through the contact tab. Dinkoo…Read More

The Parsi Wedding

By Firoze Hirjikaka The main theme and the true raison d’etre for a Zoroastrian wedding is food. Zoroastrian wedding banquets are definitely for the weight watchers. Demurring protestations to the contrary, food is the reason most invited guests show up at these events. But I am getting ahead of myself. Owing to some archaic promise…Read More