Bistoun Complex: Tourist Destination


April 11, 2007

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Bistoun mountain with its world famous myths is annually visited by a great number of tourists from around the world at the beginning of spring.

According to cultural heritage experts, the tablet of Darius is one of the most important and beautiful ancient objects of the world-famous Bistoun Complex.

The historical Bistoun Complex, which is located 30 kilometers to the northeast of Kermanshah, is Iran’s eighth international monument.

At the order of Darius from Achaemenid dynasty in 522 BC, his own image along with a number of other figures were engraved on Bistoun mountain.

Meanwhile, some of his orders, advices and conquests have been engraved on stone in cuneiform script as well as in three languages, including ancient Parsi, Ilami and Babylonian.

The stone tablet, which is six meters long and 3.2 meters wide, includes 414 lines. The 1.78-meter figure of Darius with crowned head and a long shirt is seen to the left of the tablet, while raising up his right hand and holding an arrow in his left hand.

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