Discovering the Zoroastrian Temple of Yazd


April 5, 2007

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Heritage | Iran

The historic city of Yazd in central Iran is home to a Zoroastrian temple built nearly 1,500 ago.

The holy fire which the Zoroastrians hold sacred is ritualistically preserved in the temple. Its flames have been kept alive for years, the worshippers fastidious in their care to keep the fire burning.

The main building of the temple sits on a raised platform in a spacious courtyard surrounded by old evergreen trees.

A large, circular and shallow pool, situated in front of the building, greets visitors on entering the compound, lending an air of grace and beauty to the surroundings.

The holy fire is kept alive within a spacious and dimly-lit inner room of the temple. The room is surrounded by a series of chambers in which worshippers have carried out for centuries the ancient rituals of the Zoroastrian faith.

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