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Parsee Matrimony in Poem

A funny poem forwarded by a friend. Read on

We are all somehow related

Often times even belated.

At reproduction they’re not the best

By working in banks they get their rest.

The community is rapidly dwindling

The gene pool is tremendously shrinking.

Eccentricities sure do abound

Soon we will all be funny and round.

The girls these days, do not want to get married

They say, “Oh no, we’d much rather be buried”

”This one is not right for me”

”That one doesn’t know how to make tea”

”The other one makes less money than me”

”And I wish that one would just let me be”

To fall in love they know not how

They keep saying the time is not now.

The boys are also just the same

Now where does one put the blame?

”She is too tall”, ”she is too fat”

”Oh my God! That one looks like a rat!”

Will we all die and wither away?

Or will someone come to save the day?

My thoughts go out to all those who read

Remember it is with you I plead…

Just be good and do your best

God is great and will do the rest.