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Empire Records: Something Borrowed by Rohinton Mistry

Two months before I was to leave Bombay for Toronto, a friend from St, Xavier s College asked to borrow my copy of "A Hard Days Night," Empire Records Something Borrowed by Rohinton Mistry / The New Yorker october 11, 2010 My friend—I’ll call him Harish—was agreeable company, always trying to find hidden meanings in…Read More

The Demands on our Holy Fire

This is a delightful piece sent to us by Mickie Sorabjee, a regular here at Parsi Khabar. The author of this piece is not known. The intent of this article is humour and nothing else. It is* Friday and Behram Roj ‘motto daro’.* The Fire Temple is buzzing with people. All sorts and all ages.…Read More

Why read the Khordeh Avesta

…when we cannot understand it???? This is beautiful story sent to us by Cherag Sam Karkaria, a good friend and regular reader of Parsi Khabar An old Priest lived on a farm in the mountains with his young grandson. Each morning Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Khordeh Avesta. His…Read More

Giving up the Ghosts

By Farrukh Dhondy My twenty something daughter refused to sleep in her own room the other night. She had memories of the room at the back of the house on the first floor not far from where the other bedrooms are, being haunted. I remembered the incident from when she was a child. We had…Read More

Panchgani: A Few Stray Thoughts

A Few Stray Thoughts Farzana Contractor | Saturday, July 21, 2007 12:55:37 IST I know from time to time, I wax eloquent about my second home, which is Panchgani, but this time I won’t. I am miffed. No fault of poor Panchgani though, just that I haven’t been able to get there and the monsoon…Read More

Parsee Matrimony in Poem

A funny poem forwarded by a friend. Read on We are all somehow related Often times even belated. At reproduction they’re not the best By working in banks they get their rest. The community is rapidly dwindling The gene pool is tremendously shrinking. Eccentricities sure do abound Soon we will all be funny and round.Read More

Parsi Surnames

What do you call a PARSEE….Bootlegger? Daruwalla Who thinks he is aristocratic? Noble Who loves to cook? Masalawalla Who is mysterious? Mistry Who is a Wheeler Dealer? Dalal Who has aspirations of flying? Captain Who loves plenty of cats? Billi Moria Who agrees with everybody? Jee Jee Bhoy Who thinks bananas are the only source…Read More

Parsi Anthem

We received this via an email tip. It makes interesting reading. Author Unknown When my time has come, when my race is run I want to go that very way of my Fathers and their Sons. When my breath has left and life is not around Don’t extinguish me by the Flame or lock me…Read More

Udvada on Behram Roj

This write up was forwarded to us by email. I don’t know the author or the source. However it makes fascinating reading, and something that a lot of people will relate to. The 20th day of the Zoroastrian calendar is not just another day, but a date with Victory. For, it belongs to the angel…Read More

Aspi and Persis

An original story idea for a Parsi feature film By Sorab Irani Authors Note: As this is written in visual terms for a movie screen, readers are reminded to bear this in mind while they read it & imagine the visuals. This is a work of fiction. The film opens in a bungli in Doongerwadi…Read More