Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India Pakistan and The World

Parsi Surnames

What do you call a PARSEE….Bootlegger? Daruwalla

Who thinks he is aristocratic? Noble

Who loves to cook? Masalawalla

Who is mysterious? Mistry

Who is a Wheeler Dealer? Dalal

Who has aspirations of flying? Captain

Who loves plenty of cats? Billi Moria

Who agrees with everybody? Jee Jee Bhoy

Who thinks bananas are the only source of potassium? Kerawalla

Who runs around in sheep’s clothing? Un Walla

Who is eccentric? Mad on

Who has gas problems? Ka Padia

Who loves playing goalkeeper? Gol Walla

Who introduced his last name as a Good Bye? Ta Ta

Who thinks his ancestors were Pathans? Lala

Who thinks the cafetaria is his second home? Canteenwalla

Who is obsesssed with numbers? Mehta

Who is dumb? Mooga

Who is brave? Bahadur

Who is a fireman? Bambawalla

Who is into Astrology? Tara Chand

Who has a short fuse? Tester

Who doesn’t give a damn about anything? Goli Marwalla

Who doesn’t like rice? Naanwalla

Who has a chance at the Guiness Book of World Records? SodaWaterBottleOpenerwalla.

A Small parsi businessman? Nallaseth

A Patriotic Parsi? Gandhi

A corrupt politician? Kala Gandhi

A skinny Parsi? Dandiwalla

A religious Parsi? Dastur

A Parsi laborer? Contractor

A Parsi slumlord? Bhiwandi Walla

A watch repairer? Ghadialy

A parsi chapesoog? Driver

A Parsi lawyer? Vakil

A saliva licking Parsi? ThookChat

A parsi dealing in women’s underwear? Penty

A hard working Parsi? Mehenty.

I would like to add just one more. A Parsi who is born out of sethia with

many maid servants – Sethna