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June 27, 2006

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Short Stories

Parsi Khabar is happy to announce the start of a new feature on the blog. From time to time we will feature short stories submitted by authors, and meeting the broad based guidelines and spirit of Parsi Khabar.

The first story is by Sorab Irani. Sorab Irani was featured on Parsi Khabar a few weeks ago with respect to a movie that his production house is making.

Here is what he has to say about the first story that he has submitted for publishing.

Some years ago the first murder in the history of Udwada was reported. I was of course moved by the news of such a heinous act being committed in our holy town. One would think that the presences of the holy Fire in the Iranshah fire temple would cleanse evil even before it arose in the minds of people living in this one horse town, but reality is something else.

Some how as a filmmaker I was moved by this incident & sat in my car & drove off to Udwada. Chatting on the way with my daughter Oorvazi the idea of doing a feature film around this incident gave birth. Since there are other issues that were connected to Udwada & the fact that some one should take up the cause of a degraded sub caste created by us Parsis called the Nussesalars or the community of pallbearers who do the communities most dirty work but are totally discriminated against by the BPP & the community – no one will marry them, they are not allowed into fire temples, nor allowed to attend a Parsi wedding, I conjured up the idea of have the film’s protagonist as a Nussesalar who is our hero Aspi.

The story was written but the film never got made however Farrukh Dhondy read it & found it quite intriguing as a work of fiction that is popular yet issue based.