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The Demands on our Holy Fire

This is a delightful piece sent to us by Mickie Sorabjee, a regular here at Parsi Khabar. The author of this piece is not known. The intent of this article is humour and nothing else.

It is* Friday and Behram Roj ‘motto daro’.* The Fire Temple is buzzing with people. All sorts and all ages. Every face is at its serene best. The Flame is leaping with delight gorging at the large diet of Kathi and Sukhad and in return is offering patient ears to the various request prayers. Some serious, some almost comic, some trivial, some greedy, some incessant and the odd one out of only Thanks. A little girl is poking her dimples with a sukhad until mom says ‘M nai karvanoo’.

Some daily regulars are in corners swaying and shifting their weight. Some ladies have stifled the circumstance of their face with a tight scarf and are hobbling ahead pushing aside any in their way. Some men are darting around hurriedly as they are at the brink of a busy day.

Coomi is praying— pug no sojo ochho thai.

Jamshed is praying — bawa bike apavey

Dorab is praying – dikra neh Dubai maa naukri maleh.

Gustad is praying – restaurant majenoo chaleh.

Kersi is praying chaavi ghoomai gaich te mali jai.

Katy is praying – bheja no mad boss paadhro reh.

Jaloo is praying – nallee ne eskool ma admission maleh.

Nawaz is praying – bhess jevi sassoo bargaum jai.

Jal is praying – saajeh Daisy satheh baar javanooch te eh jara

ghela-chhera kaarva deh.

Jangoo is praying – aajeh deekri noh America thi phone aveh.

Viraf is praying – shaitan jevo landlord khapri jai.

Zenobia is praying – navi janas maleh.

Firoze is praying – daat koih gayoch te pelo dakoo jevo dentist

korhwa nih vaat nai kareh.

Marazban is praying – hu Godrej jetlo paisawalo thao.

Siloo is praying – heart majenoo thai jai operation vagur.

Rayomand is praying – shares oopur jai.

Maharukh is praying – paylee teevee Udwadia nooh appointment juldi apeh.

Sammy is praying – baddha gehrna sarikani reh.

Gai is praying – thankyou Khodai – ghanoo apech.

Now the Flame is ready to courier the amassed wishes to the high Heavens.

Freny is hurriedly walking out of the Temple murmuring –

Khodai kareeneh taximali jai.