Concern Over Delhi’s Dwindling Parsi Population


May 17, 2007

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Delhi Minorities Panel plans to meet Parsi families

New Delhi, May. 17 (PTI): Concerned over the declining population of Parsi community in the Capital, Delhi Minorities Commission is planning to meet the Parsi families here to assess their alround growth.

“We would soon meet each Parsi family in the city and try to resolve the problems they are facing,” newly appointed DMC Chairman Kamal Faruqui told PTI here.

Quoting the Census 2001, Faruqui said there were merely 23 Parsi families residing in the capital. This shows that like in the country, they are on the verge of decline in the city too.

“But unlike other minority communities such as Muslims and Punjabis there is no adequate information about their (Parsis) economical and health status,” Faruqui said adding that it prompted the Commission to take up their cause to ensure their welfare.

The panel is writing to each family to show its keenness to “make them a vital part of the society.”

As per Census, 2001, minorities constitute 17 per cent of the total population in Delhi with Muslims taking the lead at 11.7 per cent followed by Sikhs at 4 per cent and Christians at .9 per cent, says the Commission’s report.

Numberwise, there are 16,23,520 Muslims, 5,55,602 Sikhs, 130319 Christians living in the national capital while the number of people hailing from Buddhist community hovers at merely 23,705.

Though Jain community constitutes merely 1.1 per cent of the total population of the city, it is yet to be notified as a minority despite recommendations from the State Commission to the Delhi Government.

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