J D Bharda School Moves High Court Against Closure

A school meant primarily for Parsi community has moved the Bombay High Court after Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai issued it a closure notice.

The vacation court has given J D Bharda English Medium school at Lamingoton Road, south Mumbai, a breather. Court stayed the MCGM notice till June 10, when a regular judge will hear the case.

Some 350 students are on the school’s roll, its lawyer Shardul Singh said.

MCGM’s education department served a notice to the school authorities on May 22, asking them to shut down the school by
June 1.

Corporation alleged that in the school’s accounts, Rs 20 lakh were unaccounted for, and it must be a sum received as a capitation fee.

An aided school can not receive capitation fee, it said. However, according to the school, it is not aided, and the amount came from Sir Dorabji Trust.

Today, the corporation’s lawyer said that the period for which school was granted recognition had expired three years ago.

However, Justice J P Deodhar pointed out that education officer did not cite this as a reason for his order.

Case has been adjourned till June 10.

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  • phiroz

    Wonder how many Zoroastrian pupils would be in the School. Would not be a double digit figure.Probably no Zoroastran would be a pupil.The case should be treated as blessing in disguise. The premises can be sold off and the amount collected can be used for Scholarships/ Fee assistance for deserving Parsee Students.Alternatively, class rooms can be let out to Tuition teachers and income therefrom used to assist deserving Parsee Zoroastrian Students.

  • Frankly Speaking

    The premises are very close to Grant Rd station and would fetch a good price. One thing that we learn from this episode is that originally establshed for Parsis, these schools incl JJPB School is not patronised by the Community. The reason parents refrain from sending their children to such schools is the poor standards which result in pupils not scoring good percentage in Boards and consequently not finding it easy to get admission in college.
    To-day it is the Parsi Schools and in next 40 years or so who will frequent our Fire Temples. No, I am not advocating conversion. What I strongly feel is that let the existing members of the Parsi Community enjoy the fruits of properties left by our ancestors.No fool will believe that our demographic decline is going to take a U turn.

  • Ruzad Karbahri

    Education is Important