Zoroastrian Anthropology Museum in Kerman, Iran


June 5, 2009

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The idea of establishing the museum goes back to the year 1983, when the library of the Kerman Association of Zoroastrians was established.

Head of the association Parviz Vakhshuri and library director Mehran Gheibi collected historical artifacts for the museum.

The museum was officially inaugurated in summer 2005 in the presence of the then head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO).

Farzaneh Hormozyar Oshidari and Mahindokht Siavashian were among the figures who donated funds to help finish construction of the museum building in 2001.

Among the oldest items preserved at the museum are a handwritten copy of Gathas (17 hymns believed to have been composed by Zoroaster himself) estimated to be over 200 years old, and one handmade Afringan (fire brazier) upon which the year 1207 (1828) is engraved.

Rare documents and photos of notable personalities like Keikhosro Shahrokh, Mirza Borzu Amighi, and Keshvar Khanum are also on display at the museum.

Women’s costumes including coats, dresses, pants and scarves, all embroidered with beautiful patterns and flowers are kept at the museum. Also included are different kinds of candle lights, fire braziers, and tallow burners.

Every year a great number of tourists visiting Kerman during the Noruz vacation are sure to pay a visit to the fire temple and the museum and the Zoroastrian youth give guides to the visitors.

Interested youth register in education courses at the museum throughout the year and learn in depth about the details of fire, the fire temple, religious beliefs and rituals of the Zoroastrians.

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