August 17, 2019

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Today is the official launch of Dhansak & Co. – the first Zoroastrian streetwear brand! The clothing brand includes premium quality, limited-edition t-shirts, hats and phone cases created by young Toronto-based Zoroastrians Tanya Hoshi and Anaheez Karbhari, featuring Zoroastrian images and cultural references.

The business was first announced at the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in Los Angeles this July, during the Shark Tank Event hosted by the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce. Tanya and Anaheez were the first to pitch and put on an impressive show, which included models walking the runway wearing their designs. By the end of the day, they both walked away with six investment offers – a complete surprise to them both.

“I was completely taken aback by the support in the crowd. I was pretty emotional since I could feel the support and presence of the youth in that moment. It was a huge reminder of why we decided to make this company in the first place,” said Tanya.

Now with investment under them and using their own savings, the two entrepreneurs have launched their first business venture. 

“”It’s intimidating, yet exciting to launch our first business. Will we make an impact? Will we have customers? Those questions are always running in my mind. But whatever the outcome, we are proud to do this,” says Anaheez.

During their presentation, Tanya and Anaheez mentioned why they decided to start this business. Around the world, they said, we constantly hear that our religion is fading out, that we will be a tribe in 50 years, and that the youth are no longer interested in identifying with their faith. This story is so tiring and if anything, disconnects our youth – Tanya herself at one point being one of the many disenfranchised Zoroastrians in the diaspora. She knew she wanted to stay connected with her culture and do something that would be fun and connect Zoroastrian youth around the world. That’s when she approached Anaheez, a talented graphic designer, and together they created Dhansal & Co. With Tanya’s filmmaking and ecommerce background, and Anaheez’s graphic skills, the two make a perfect pair to launch this business off the ground.

Dhansak & Co. was created by Zoroastrians for Zoroastrians, to challenge the idea that we are diminishing and instead make ourselves more visible in popular culture.

Showing Zoroastrian culture through the lens of modern streetwear — a style associated with an unapologetic, powerful boldness — Dhansak & Co. is for the Zoroastrian who wants to wear their identity on their sleeve and start conversations about their faith and community within the diaspora. Tanya and Anaheez hope that their brand makes Zoroastrians proud of their culture and connects them with each other.

You can purchase the designs at www.dhansakco.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Have any design ideas? Feel free to contact Tanya and Anaheez at dhansakco@gmail.com