Freddy, set, go!


November 23, 2019

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The good-looking actor Freddy Daruwala tells SANDEEP HATTANGADI that it’s never about overdressing but all about casual flair


    How would you define fashion? What does it mean to you?

    Fashion means individualistic style that a person carries with a casual flair and without overdressing. It should be natural and not overdressing or playing to the gallery. True style comes from within you, and not from any particular trend in clothing or accessories.

    Article By Sandeep Hattangadi | The Free Press Journal

    What is your personal style statement?

    My signature look is casual and laid-back—T-shirts, shorts and 41 pairs of in-your-face shoes I consider as  an essential part of my style statement! I am a passionate bike and car lover, which is like ‘the typical Parsi in me’. I dream of owning a garage filled with bikes and vintage cars! I just kick-started this expensive hobby by gifting myself a Honda CBR900RR.


    What are the five essential items in your wardrobe?

    The five things always to be found in my wardrobe are blue jeans, black jeans, white shirt, black shirt, a good pair of shoes and a good branded watch.

    What would you wear to a party?

    Depends on the theme of the party or else I would wear a casual tee and jeans to a party.

    What would you wear for a wedding?

    When invited to a wedding I dress traditionally or depending on the theme of the wedding.

    What is your favourite accessory?

    My favourite accessory is my branded watch which I had bought at a high price after saving a lot.

    What is your favourite shopping destination?

    I generally like to shop in the US as my family is there and all the good shopping stores and brands are available there. Even Mumbai is a very good shopping destination with all branded stores available and since I am from Surat I find Mumbai a very exciting shopping destination.

    Freddy, set, go!

    What is your favourite perfume brand?

    My favourite perfume brand is Christian Dior and DKNY Be Delicious.

    Your favourite designer wear?

    My favourite brand is Diesel and I especially like their jeans. But I don’t have any particular favourite designer. I like them all.

    What advice would you give to a budding fashionista?

    My advice to a budding fashionista is to keep it simple and feel comfortable. Be patient as this field is very competitive. It is important to be focused on your career and what you want to achieve in this field and not indulge in petty things.

    These things can help you to achieve success within a short period in your fashion career. In walking the ramp one should be confident and walk tall and upright and should be able to carry off the clothes that you are wearing. You should be a help to the designer who works hard to design clothes, and then think of a film career.