Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo and the Zarathushti Connection


January 15, 2016

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What in the world would be the connection between the dreaded Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman and Zoroastrians ?? On the face of it, none. But that’s not really the truth.


Now that the world’s most wanted man is safely behind bars, U.S. shirtmaker Barabas Premium Apparel says its long-sleeve shirts are flying off the shelves. The drug lord was photographed and videotaped wearing two styles of them.

“Right now, it’s crazy,” designer Shawn Esteghbal told CNN en Español. “We cannot keep them in stock, and we have a lot of demand from all over.”

Call them the “most wanted shirt,” available in a “wild paisley design” or “abstract pattern,” as the Barabas website says.

Esteghbal and his brother Sam, who are co-owners of the shop, find themselves at the center of the clothier universe since Guzman was photographed wearing their blue-and-grey-striped shirt called “Fantasy.” The drug lord was shaking the hand of actor Sean Penn in the photo.

However if you look at their website you will see the Fravahar and Good Thought Good Words and Good Deeds emblazoned all over the photographs.

The owners of Barabas are Jewish Iranians and that probably explains why they chose to use the Fravashi.


In recent times this is the second instance of the Fravashi making the rounds in Los Angeles for different reasons…..right Snoop Dogg Smile

A good friend and lawyer did some quick research at work on Patent/Trademark website :

Shows following results:

Current Search:    S1:  (barabas)[COMB]   docs: 4 occ: 7

Serial Number | Reg. Number |Word Mark | Check Status | Live/Dead

1 86046975 4471013 B TSDR LIVE
2 85960674 4470523 BARABAS TSDR LIVE
3 85502734 4168083 BARABAS TSDR LIVE
4 85181944 3978212 BARABAS TSDR LIVE

The L.A. store, whose slogan is “Good words, good thoughts, good deeds,” is hardly trying to distance itself from the kingpin, whose notoriously organized and ruthlessly violent enterprise is the biggest supplier of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine in the United States.

Photos of the 57-year-old Guzmán are displayed prominently on Barabas’ Facebook page, as is a promotional flier of sorts encouraging Barabas shoppers to “like” the story on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win a free “El Chapo” shirt. [ Link ]

Sam Esteghbal, right, and his brother, Shawn, show the two shirts they designed that have gained fame because drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was recently shown wearing them.

Sam Esteghbal, right, and his brother, Shawn, show the two shirts they designed that have gained fame because drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was recently shown wearing them.

The owners are Sean & Sam Esteghbal, from Iran

“The brothers, whose family is from Iran, were stunned to see El Chapo wearing their all-cotton shirts. They were also surprised to see the so-called “El Chapo” shirts trending all over social media.” [ Link ]

The owner has a registered trademark on the Farohar symbol with the “B” inside and the “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” logo to help sell his clothing at Barabas.





Check out Barabas’ website: