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Tanaz Doshi: A Model’s life

5TANAZ.jpg.crop_displayIt is not everyday that one admits to being born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Well, Tanaz Doshi is different. A successful ex-model, restauranter and someone who could pass off as the poster girl for Mumbai’s glitterati, Tanaz admits that she has had everything on a platter, starting right from her career.

“I never consciously planned to get into modelling. When I was growing up in Mumbai’s Parsi colony, it was a craze among young girls to get their portfolios made. I too got mine done for fun, and before I knew it, I had already spent 13 long years in modelling,” she says.

Getting married to restauranter Chirag Doshi, the heir to Walchand Group of Industries, was also a matter of good fortune, she believes. “We met at a party at one of Chirag’s restaurants. He was funny, sweet and as clichéd as it may sound, it was love at first sight,” she says. Their camaraderie was no surprise given their common passion for food and travel. “While London is our main stopover on every vacation, we love exploring places all over the world,” says Tanaz. There is one more thing that the two share a passion for — parties. Not only are the two spotted at every fashionable do in town, but they are also known for throwing the most extravagant parties. Says Tanaz, who recently played host at Jimmy Choo’s launch party, “I love to socialise and I feel that there is no better way to catch up with your friends than on a lovely brunch or dinner.”

Tanaz admits being style conscious, but clarifies that she is not a brand driven person. “Like any other girl, I love to dress up. However, I am not very particular about the brands. I could be shopping in London, Milan or Bandra Linking road and be very happy about my purchases,” she says. Life has definitely been different post-marriage, but Tanaz isn’t complaining.

“My world revolves around my two children — Maahir and Mehaan. I am a homemaker now and like any other mother, my afternoons are spent waiting for my children to get back from school. Chirag has cut down on work and we try spending as much time as we can as a family,” she says. And she has no qualms in letting her husband call the shots. “Considering the stature of the family I have married into, I am expected to behave in a certain way. I always ask for Chirag’s approval for major decisions and it is best that way,” she concludes.