Nawaz Modi Singhania on Navroze


March 24, 2009

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Mumbai: It’s an early start to the day for Nawaz Modi Singhania, wife of industrialist Gautam Singhania, just like when she was younger, she says.

“New Year binds you with family and religion, and it certainly takes me back to my childhood,” smiles Nawaz, recalling her precious moments spent as a child.

“I remember my mother would wake us up early and then usher us to the family agiary. This morning too, I shall go there before anything else.”

That’s just the precursor to the day’s fun that lies ahead she reveals, as there are plans to celebrate at a family lunch at one of their close friend’s home, a name she’d rather not reveal. What makes it special, she continues, is that Gautam will be there with her to partake in the joy and merriment and relish traditional dishes.

“He (Gautam) likes Parsi food a lot,” she reveals, “but you know, one has to make fusion food for him,” she laughs. “Since Gautam is especially fond of dhansak, we have to make it vegetarian-style for him.”

Talk of her own favourite people in the community and she says there are so many people that inspire her. “Like the Tatas, the Godrejs and the old houses — like the Jeejeebhoys — they’re very inspiring people…look what they’ve done historically!” she ends.