Announcement for BPP Trustee Elections

Announcement for the election for the one-off trustee election.

Candidatures were received from the following persons for the Election to be held In April 2009, to fill in the vacancy of a Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet.

The following are the approved candidates:

Ervad Adi Dadiba Gowadia

Mrs. Armaity Rustom Tirandaz

Mr. Maneck Hormusji Engineer

Mr Tehmtan Jamshedji Dumasia

Owing to the popular demand of the community members, the B.P.P. Board has decided by majority of Trustees to add one more centre for holding the ensuing Trustee’s Election and accordingly Rustom Baug as one more Centre has been added. During October 2008 Election there were six polling centres while this time there will be only five polling centres.

Election dates at five centres from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. are as under:-

  • Sir Shapurji Bharucha Baug. Andheri (West) 04-04-2009
  • Cusrow Baug. Colaba 05-04-2009
  • Khareghat Memonal Hall, Khareghat Colony, Hughes Road 11-04-2009
  • Dadar Parsee Gymkhana, Dadar 12-04-2009
  • Rustom Baug, Byculla 19-04-2009

In view of the additional Voting Centre the Result declaration onwards programme would undergo the changes as under

Declaration of Election results by Scrutinizer and President latest by 23 04-2009

Result to be published on the Notice Board of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet latest by 23-04-2009

Result to he published in Newspapers latest by 24-04-2009




  • piloo

    Will BPP address my query. If they place indelible ink on voters finger in BPP Election, how will a Parsee voter exercise his frenchise in Lok Sabha Election since indelible ink will not fade away and both elections are more or less at the same time. Has any body applied his mind in this regard?

  • Mohammed Electricwala

    Please ensure that the names are spelled correctly before publishing on Parsi Kabar. The Last Name (Surname) of Mrs. Armaity Rustom is spelt incorrectly. Instead of Triandaaz, you have inadvertently spelt it as lifonaaz. Mrs. Aramaity is the wife of a very noble and famous Parsi gentleman Mr. Rustom Tirandaaz.
    Also the middle name of Hormusji is spelt incorrectly incase of Mr. Maneck Engineer.
    These errors reflects the chalta hai attitude of Parsi Khabar.

  • Mohammaed, sorry for the typo errors. We were transcribing from a scanned notice, and the software went a bit crazy. I appreciate your heads up on this.

    We take a lot of effort to make sure that we post content of the highest calibre and quality.


  • phirozaban

    The contents of BPP Chairman’s letter as appearing in FPJ WAPIZ page shows what scant respect Akabars have for ‘difference of viws and seeing things in a different perspective. He mentions that he does not want opposition in the Board.In other words he wants Rubber Stamp members on the Board. If he were a Director on Board of a Company, he would abolish posts of INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS, or would have independent Directors of type SATYAM had.

  • homi

    Dear Piloo

    I have just been informed of the procedure to inking.

    during normal lok sabha voting inking is of the lft index finger. The BPP this time is going to ink the small finger of the left hand cuasing no issues of differentiation between the two.

    this is what i have been told but i hope the BPP makes a public announcement to this effect so that everyone knows of this and come to vote in numbers.