Pioneer Photojournalist Homai Vyarawalla Wants a Nano


March 25, 2009

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Homai Vyarawalla, owner of 1955 model Fiat, wants to have ‘Nano’

The Nano may target young people and nuclear families, but in Vadodara, the country’s first lady photojournalist cannot wait to book her new car. Homai Vyarawalla is the proud owner of a 1955 model black Fiat.

The 94-year-old single Parsi lady lives in a small house. Being the country’s first woman photo journalist, she has been a witness to many events in the country’s history. Now, she awaits another history to be made by the ‘people’s car’.

“Nano looks good. Although I have seen it only in photographs, I quite like it,” she said. But she expressed her apprehension about it as well. “I doubt if I would get it in my lifetime, as they have only a few Nanos. They will be giving it through a lucky draw. So chances are not very high. But if they give me the first chance to buy, I will buy it for sure,” she said.

Vyarawalla’s love for her old Fiat is still intact, which she drove till January this year. She sent it to her relative after it became difficult to find someone to repair the car.

“I still miss my old Fiat. I was not willing to part with it. It was a very friendly car. The only problem I faced with it was the fact that there was no one to repair it. That’s when I decided to send it to Mumbai to one of my relatives. Fiat still runs in Mumbai,” she said.

For over a month and a half, Pourusasp Pavri is looking after Vyarawalla’s car in Mumbai. He is a vintage car collector.

“Vyarawalla is my dad’s aunt. I drive her car occasionally. We have a lot of mechanics here who can take care of old cars,” he said.

Considering her advanced age, one might wonder if Vyarawalla can drive the Nano.

“You are wrong. I am more comfortable driving a car than walking. I do my own work and I don’t keep servants. I get things for myself from the market. If I have a car, it is easier to keep things in it. It’s difficult to lift bags at this age,” she said.

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