Originality is my forte


March 14, 2006

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He is 34 and says that originality is his forte. Homi Adajania’s debut feature film, Being Cyrus (English), hits theatres soon.

“The story was rejected by publishers but I thought of making a film out of it,” says Homi.

This is not his first brush with film. He assisted Mahesh Mathai in Bhopal Express.

Being Cyrus, a 90-minute-long film, is based on an 11-page story written by Kersi Khambatta. For the film, Homi rewrote some some parts.

“It is not a film on the relationship between a young man and an older woman. It was one picture of the film (that of Dimple Kapadia and Saif Ali Khan) that sent the wrong message,” says Homi, whose other passions include photography and scuba diving. But it is a bold film, he admits. “It is the story of Cyrus and a bizarre chapter in his life when he lives with a Parsi family for two years,” he adds.

The Parsi connection in the film is strong but that has nothing to do with Homi himself being a Parsi. “The characters have been inspired from several real characters. In our day-to-day life, we observe many people and sketch characters on various facets of theirs,” says Homi.

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