Cursetjee’s Rs 35-cr property has no heir

Two weeks after the suicide of 73-year-old Adi Cursetjee’s adopted daughter Geeta Soni (35), no one knows who will inherit Cursetjee’s Rs 35 crore wealth.

Legally, though, the property should end up with Navroz Jilla, the complainant and Cursetjee’s closest friend. But everyone from the prosecution to defence lawyers to Jilla himself are still not sure about it.

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  • shailendra Dubey

    The property shouldnt go to Navroz Jilla. he was just a friend thats all and on that basis it will be unfair to give him the property.

    i wont even agree it being going to the trust. because people who are managing the trust will use the property for their own benifit..

    i feel it should be handed over to a good organization (NGO)which could really get it to the use of people…like for school, old age homes, ..generate income from that property it will have many multiple use ..and same money can be used for running the school, old age home etc..but selection of a good management is very should be only with an intention that our society should benifit