Perizad Zorabian, The Monsoon and Chicken Shashlik Sizzlers


June 23, 2010

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perizad_Zorabian_cook The odds that you might catch vivacious actor Perizad Zorabian in cook’s garb are narrow.

By Ismat Tahseen / DNA

Says the mother of two, “I rarely like to try my hand in the kitchen but my husband Boman believes that that when I cook, I cook very well. I’ve made an omelette quite exotic with little chopped ingredients that turned out well, so I think I’m inclined to be an typical cook,” she smiles.

When it comes to her everyday food, Perizad loves traditional favoutites. “In the US, I’d crave Parsi akoori and even now I love having bhajiya and chai in the rains. Of course, the monsoons are for sizzlers too. They’re piping hot and with the rain falling outside, the steaming hot platter goes perfectly.”

On a dinner night out, Perizaad says hubby Boman is the one who enjoys different tastes. “I started eating sushi because of him,” she admits.

Chicken Shashlik
Boiled chicken cubes — 7 to 8
Boiled peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower
Green beans — 3, cut lengthwise
Tomato — 1/2
Spinach — a few leaves

For the sauce:
Heat oil and brown the onions. Add some pepper to this. Now, add chilli, tomato and Worcestershire sauces as well as a little maida for thickening it. Let this cook. Add chicken stock to it with salt and pepper and let this cook on a slow fire.
(For garlic sauce, substitute the pepper with garlic).

Cut and boil carrots, beans, cauliflower, peas and spinach and keep them aside. Add chicken cubes, the capsicum and cubed onion onto the skewers. Take a hot tawa (frying pan) and put these skewers on it and cook them until they are browned.
Drizzle a little sizzling sauce (a mixture of soya sauce, ajino moto and lemon juice) onto them.

Heat the iron plate of the sizzler platter and place it on the wooden base. Line it with the cabbage leaves and place the cooked shashlik skewers on it, adding the boiled veggies on the sides. Add French fries and pepper or garlic sauce with a little more sizzling sauce.