Yazzad Rabadi's The Beard to Screen at Manhattan Film Festival


June 14, 2013

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Toronto-based filmmaker Yaz Rabadi’s latest short film, The Beard, continues making rounds on the festival circuit well into 2013.

The Beard is a powerful, gritty and emotional piece of filmmaking that tells the story of an elderly Sikh who has been victimized, and how he struggles to deal with his given circumstances in the aftermath of the violent attack.  Supported by the National Film Board of Canada, The Beard has received several nominations and awards. Additional information on the film and future screenings can be found at www.rabidpictures.com.

It will be screened next at the Manhattan Film Festival on June 22, 2013. Tickets can be purchased here

Born in Mumbai, India, Yaz Rabadi moved to Canada with his family at the age of four and has been living there ever since.  Having always been attracted to the arts, Yaz quickly found himself taking to acting, and more specifically filmmaking. Through that medium he found endless artistic possibilities and focused on pursuing a career in directing, honing his filmmaking skills as a writer and director while studying the medium at Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts in Toronto.

Yazphoto While studying at Ryerson University, Yaz directed a number of short films, most notably of which include No Regrets, Closet and Karim. After graduating from Ryerson in 2007, he was selected from other Canadian filmmakers to take part in The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s National Apprenticeship Training Program.

This unique program allowed Yaz to further develop his creativity, directing skills and working knowledge of film as he apprenticed and worked alongside renowned Canadian filmmakers such as Atom Egoyan and John Greyson on their respective feature film projects.

Shortly thereafter, Yaz teamed up with Fraction Films’ Elena Pilar Nañes and Maurizio Chen to begin work on his most ambitious project to date, Inside. Supported both by John Greyson and Atom Egoyan, Inside was provided with the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council and the National Film Board of Canada. Completed in 2010, the film is currently working its way through the festival circuit, being part of both the 2010 Yorkton Film Festival where it is nominated under the Best Emerging Filmmaker category, and Festival de Cannes’ Short Film Corner.

Currently Yaz is once again collaborating with Producer Elena Pilar Nañes on his next short film, The Beard, which is currently in development and will go to camera in late-2010/early-2011. Yaz is also in the stages of early development of another short, Skinned, as well as two feature film projects he hopes to take to camera within the next two years, Hopscotch and The Red.

As an ambitious filmmaker who is constantly working toward bettering his craft with each project, Yaz hopes to continue reaching audiences through his work while evolving as a filmmaker.

The Beard – Official Trailer from Yaz Rabadi on Vimeo.