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Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD Rocks the Scene

SmugDogg-300x225 Dr. Zubin Damania MD aka ZDoggMD is a board-certified internist, clinical hospitalist (formerly at Stanford), and current denizen of Downtown Las Vegas. He moonlights in medical satire—writing, performing, editing, producing, and distributing funny videos, music, and more from the discomfort of his spare bedroom. He is a throwback to a simpler time when being a gangsta meant listening to Ice Cube while mowing the lawn.

The website zdoggmd.com is the collective works of ZDoggMD and his crew of med school buddies, Dr. Harry, Doc Quixote, and Dr. Diego. It is Infotainment, in its simplest form—using humor to entertain and educate both healthcare practitioners and patients alike. The site is also the winner of the Medgadget 2010 New Medical Blog of the Year! and has clinically proven to be slightly funnier than placebo.

Below is an interview from 2010 with ZDoggMD. Includes hemorrhoid rap!

Hijacked from TechCrunch TV, which is the owner of the content. Lyrics, free song download, and more at http://ZDoggMD.com — as always, slightly funnier than placebo!