New Bombay Zoroastrian Association Kick starts their Agiary Project


October 24, 2014

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Sharukh Doctor, the President of the New Bombay Zoroastrian Association informs us

The New Bombay Zoroastrian Association (NBZA) Kick starts their Agiary Project with the Bhomi Poojan offered by the contractor on the auspicious day of Dussehera. The work will now begin on this project of building Agiary, Community Hall and the Old Age Home as the monsoon season is coming to the end. The contractor offered the puja in their traditional way. The President NBZA, the Architect along with the Zoroastrian community members, the contractor’s family and their representatives attended the function. On the previous occasion on the day Bahman Mahino and Bahman Roj Vada Dasturji of Udvada had done the Jashan and foundation stone laying ceremony.

The Zoroastrian community members interested in supporting this noble cause may please contact the undersigned.   An appeal for donations is attached. you may edit the same if required.

Sharukh Doctor

Construction of Atash Adaran, Community Centre and Old Age Home at Navi Mumbai

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In the year 2008 the New Bombay Zoroastrian Association Charitable Trust applied for a 1000 sq. mt. Social Facility plot to CIDCO and the same was finally conveyed to the Trust by CIDCO at a cost of Rs. 65 lakhs, and came in its possession in January 2013, thus fulfilling a long standing dream of the Parsee Community of Navi Mumbai. To that end The Trust will be constructing two different buildings. One for the fire temple including the Kathi Godown and attending priests quarters., Well etc. And the second building will be a stilt plus four storied building. The stilt and the open space around it will be used for parking and pump house etc. as well as create space for Caterers to do their cooking for functions and the four floors will consist of First floor—A. C. Dining hall, Second floor–A.C. Hall for Weddings and Navjotes, Third floor and Fourth floor—Old Age Home including rooms for visiting priests during Muktad and various Gahanbars, Jashans and other Religious Discourses etc. On 15th June 2014, Bahman Mahino and Bahman Roj, The Foundation Laying Ceremony was celebrated by a Jashan performed by Vada Dasturji from Pak Iranshah Shri Khurshed Kaikobad Dastoor and his team.

The construction of the Agiary will start within two months time.

As on date the approx. estimated costs are as under:-

1. Cost of 1000 sq. metres land (already paid for) Rs. 65,00,000.00

2. Cost of Construction of Agiary of BUA 2700 sft

Incl. compound wall and Well Rs.100,00,000.00

Will be built by “The Executors and Trustees of the Estate of Mrs. Shirinbai K Doongaji”

3. Cost of A. C. Dining Hall Rs. 80,00,000.00

4. Cost of AC Hall for Weddings and Navjotes Rs. 80,00,000.00

Will be built by Mr. Dara H. Hansotia in memory of his wife Dr. Mrs. Mehroo D.Hansotia

5. Cost of Old Age Home on 3rd floor Rs. 75,00,000.00

6. Cost of Old Age Home on 4th floor Rs. 75,00,000.00

In the above premises the Trust will conduct at various intervals Prayer meetings and Spiritual discourses, Jashans, Get togethers, Matrimonial meets, Seasonal Gahanbars, Weddings and Navjotes and any other activity for the benefit of the Zoroastrian Community of Navi Mumbai.

Since the price paid for the Agiary Plot is 1/10th of the present Market Value for a Commercial plot, CIDCO has imposed a time limit for completion of the whole project which is June 2016, else CIDCO will levy a penalty premium which may be 100% or more.

Hence we immediately need to collect funds to the tune of Rs. 80 lakhs for the Dining Hall on the 1st floor. This will ensure that our building will at least reach Stilt + Two floors. The income from renting out the Two Halls will go towards maintenance expenses for the Agiary. Thereafter we need a further Rs. 1.5 crores to build the two floors of The Old Age Home.

All the Plans for the above have been prepared and got approved from NMMC by Architect Mr. Jamshid Bhiwandiwalla who comes highly recommended by Vada Dasturji of Pak Iranshah Shri Khurshed Kaikobad Dastoor and he was the Architect for Sachinwalla’s Agiary at Vasai as well.

We appeal to you to make whatever contribution you can towards these much needed facilities for your Zarthosthi brethren at Navi Mumbai. For your information in the first round of fund collection as many as 395 individuals and institutions have contributed various amounts which enabled us to pay for the land from CIDCO. This shows the strength of the small contributor as well and has warmed our hearts that so many of our fellow Zarthosthis contributed collectively.

We would appreciate if you can give wide publicity to our Agiary/Community Project amongst your family and friends and individual donors who may be inclined and encouraged to give to this noble cause. No amount is too small for this gigantic cause. It is only with the help of such donors like you, that we hope to complete the onerous task at hand. May our Good Lord AHURA MAZDA always bless and keep you and your family.

May we inform you that if you so choose, you may make a substantial donation towards the cost of one full floor or one or more rooms of the Old Age Home or pay for the cost of one priest’s quarters and choose to name the same in loving memory of some dear departed family member or friend, whereby you will be commemorating your name for eternity. In such a case you may contact any of the undersigned Trustees who will attend to you personally.

We will be erecting Four Marble Tablets showing the names of donors donating Rs.50 thousand and above, Rs.1 lakh and above, Rs.2 lakhs and above and Rs. 5 lakhs and above. Your donation should be made out in Indian Rupees in favour of “ New Bombay Zoroastrian Association Charitable Trust” and the same will be exempted u/s. 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Thanking you in anticipation.

For New Bombay Zoroastrian Association Charitable Trust,

Sharukh M. Doctor cell: +91 98690 16730 email:

Nozer J. Mirza +91 98201 26411

Noshir D. Parlewalla +91 98205 06732

Dr. Dorab R. Daruwalla +91 98211 26841


Dated: 20th October 2014

“ For a worthy cause give till it hurts; You cannot take it with you anyway.”