Soprano Meher Pavri: In Conversation


October 22, 2014

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Ashima Suri speaks to Indo-Canadian soprano, Meher Pavri. Born and raised in Canada, Meher Pavri is proud of her Indian heritage. In 2007, she was crowned Miss India-Canada and wowed the crowd with her classically trained voice during the talent portion. She is the only contestant to receive a standing ovation in the pageant’s history! No stranger to the limelight, she recently performed at a Toronto Raptor’s NBA game, where she sang for an audience of 17,000 people.

Along with Ms. Pavri’s many musical pursuits, she also works as an actor and model, and is establishing herself in the film/television industry in Canada. She takes pride in giving back to her community using her talents to successfully organize and perform in many charity concerts. Her humanitarian work is focused not only toward her own country, but also India and Africa. Meher Pavri is also a yoga instructor and trained in Bharat Natyam and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.


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