Batasas and the Parsi Bakery: Not Just Dhansak Ep 02 Featuring Cyrus Dotiwala


May 9, 2019

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On this episode, Bawi Bride Perzen Patel is in conversation with the sixth generation owner of the very famous Dotivala Bakery in Surat, Cyrus Dotivala.

Cyrus shares the story of how bread traveled from Dutch settlers to Parsis and how the famous Parsi Batasas and Nankhatai were invented. Together they talk about multi-generational businesses and how technology is required for them to stay relevant today.

What is the future of Parsi and Irani bakeries in India? To what length can one adapt and change? As they discuss the minute details of baking and the Parsi culture of partaking Batasa with their tea, yet another amazing chapter of Parsi food history unfolds.

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