Who Is Your Wedding Caterer, Dikra?: Not Just Dhansak Ep 06 Featuring Kaizad Patel


June 13, 2019

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NotJustDhansakEpisode06This week we dive into the elusive Parsi wedding and the delicacies one can find there. Bawi Bride, Perzen Patel talks to Kaizad Patel from Kaizad Patel Caterers about all the food traditions associated with a Parsi wedding and why the menu never changes. He shares his journey of taking over his father’s business and going from cooking in a 5 star kitchen building to cooking on wood fire at outdoor locations across Mumbai.

How central is food to the Parsi wedding? Well, it is certainly more important than the bride and the groom! Together, Perzen and Kaizad discuss whether innovation is really needed when catering to a Parsi wedding and Kaizad shares insides secrets on how he manages to serve food to 1000+ guests daily for four months of the year. Tune in to get some delicious insights into Parsi weddings.

Warning: do not listen to this episode while hungry.

Parsi Food Recipes from Parsi Wedding Menu:

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