Bejon Desai: Obituary


April 14, 2014

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Parsi Khabar is saddened to hear about the passing away of Bejon Desai. Bejon Uncle was the grandfather of my dear friend Behzad Kharas and from what I have known of him, Bejon Uncle was an amazing person, and a real educator in all senses of the word. Our condolences to Mahrukh Aunty, his daughter, Behzad, his grandson, Yohaan his great-grandson and the entire family.


Below is a tribute by Marzban J. Giara

BEJON DESAI – a tribute

Mr. Bejon Noshirvan. Desai, a veteran educationist, thinker, linguist and trustee of the Boys’ Town Public School, Nasik passed away at the age of 90 on Tuesday 8th April 2014. The school management invited all ex-students, teachers, non-teaching staff, friends and well-wishers for the condolence meeting held at the school on Thursday 10th April 2014.

He was the principal of the well-known Boys’ Town School for 32 years from 1956 onwards. He later became a trustee of the school. He was well-versed with the scriptures of all the religions and knew 12 languages in which he wrote poetry as well. He was affiliated to many foreign universities and conducted lectures there.

He was born in Navasari, Gujarat on March 12, 1924. He was educated at St. Xavier’s College, Bombay and earned a degree in Master of Arts in 1947. He stood first at B. Ed. Exam in 1958 and bagged the Podar Gold Medal from Bombay University. He was also the recipient of Devkaran Nanji Prize and Sir Dorab Tata Prize from Bombay University. As a Fullbright Scholar he taught students of Nevada University for one year. He was awarded Nasik Bhushan from Rotary International, Saraswati Award and Lifetime Achievement Award by ZOCHILD Foundation.

He was a recipient of many national and international awards and was also an educational consultant to many local and Mumbai-based organisations. He was also known for the social work he undertook. He was a member of the board of studies in the State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. He was also part of the seventh five year plan of the Government of India in Pune in 1984. His publications include Homage Unto Asho Zarathushtra, Two Minutes with Reality, Biography of Sir Jivanji J. Modi, A Compendium for Learning Avesta, Learning Gujarati Through English, The Master, Thus Spake The Master, Parimal, Pak Khordeh Avesta in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Manav Lagnino Itihas, Anamini Atmakatha, Pankaj (Kavita Sangrah), Ramyakatha Shabdani, Rekha Chitro.

He passed away peacefully at home. He always said – accept death, disease and disaster gracefully – and that’s what he did. Mr. Neville K. Mehta, Managing Trustee of the school said: “Desai was a great educationist and the school will miss him. He was a guiding light to us and a great trustee.” He died a natural death due to old age at 2.30 am on Tuesday. He is survived by his daughter Mrs. Mahrukh Kharas and grandson Behzaad Kharas. We offer our condolences and heartfelt sympathies to his family. May his soul progress in heaven.

Here is a video of him talking to students during a Nasik Boys Town reunion.