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Mathematical Minoo Jokhi

Minoo Jokhi is so passionate about calculations that he teaches mathematics tricks and memory games to others

We’ve heard of people being phobic to mathematics and calculations. Here’s one person, to whom “life is a number game”.

Meet 30-year-old Minoo Jokhi, a ‘mathemagic show’ presenter and memory development trainer. At the age of 15, Jokhi presented his first mathemagic show for which he received great applaud. The show comprised of tricks and methods to remember multiplication tables and to solve complex calculations, like deciphering the day of the month from a date provided.

Since then, Jokhi remembers doing countless shows in various organisations, schools, colleges. He says, “Till 1992, I was one of the weakest students in my school. I had to mug up tables up to 20, but did not know even the basic ones. I had no confidence and was the butt of everybody’s jokes in school.”

However, Jokhi refused to give up. He says proudly, “With firm determination to come out of the situation as a winner, I managed to learn the tables in six months with no coaching from anybody.” When Jokhi achieved this goal, he says, he became more interested in numbers.

Today, not only does Jokhi entertain people with his number games, but also trains them to develop a sharp memory. “Learn once and remember forever is the sole objective of my courses,” he says. His courses comprise of laws and keys to perfect memory, effective reading skills, calculation tricks, concentration techniques.

Jokhi adds, “Yoga and meditation techniques are also important for developing memory and number skills. They help improve concentration.”

Jokhi also thinks that one can’t classify memory as “good” or “bad”. “It is either trained or untrained,” he explains. He also banishes a common myth, “We set barriers to memory. We believe we can’t retain beyond 10-15 per cent of what we learn. But it’s not so,” he says.

Just to prove this notion wrong, Jokhi teaches ‘laws of memory’ during his memory development sessions. Imagination, observation, concentration are the three laws of memory, he explains.

Jokhi trains people of all ages – school and college students, professionals, housewives, corporates and senior citizens.

He also has to his credit some international shows like the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress and International Medical Congress where he performed.

His best skills are: six digits multiplication in 70 seconds, deciphering square, square roots, cube and cube roots of any number up to 10 lakh in a few seconds, reciting tables of 1 to 1,000 crore, among others.

Jokhi has received appreciation certificates from many organisations, where he has performed.

Jokhi says his classes, to teach number skills and memory training are conducted in a ‘fun-cum-learn’ process – probably the only last hope for those with maths-phobia.

You can check Jokhi’s website for more information. Phone: 98214 07519.

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