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Parsi from “Penang”writes back

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article by Ruby Lilaowala about her trip to Malaysia. She mentioned that there wre only two Parsi families in Malaysia.

A reader Zarir Cama wrote back to us on that article and we paste his email message below.

Hi !! Just read your article on postcards from penang .

Very nice article but just to say there are in fact two parsi families who live in penang and are old penangites-Rumi and Hillary manekshaw and Paul (Phiroze) _ and Nergis Maneckshaw-it is the formers parents who you [Ruby Lilaowala] allude to as the old couple who live in Ipoh . in fact in ipoh rumis brotheres also reside with their families . you will be happy to know that only recently paul and nergis’ son rustom got married and they had the parsi wedding ceremony in penang and friends and relatives from all over came and so we had over 25 parsis there !

However in the whole of malaysia there are only about 30 of us around scattered in different places but we get together about twicwe a year for pateti and navroze !

All the best

Zarir Cama

All we can say is, thanks dear Zarir. We are pleased that through our post, our readers get to know a bit more about the Parsi diaspora in Malaysia. We wish you all the best, and may your numbers grow in plenty.