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Do You Know Kareena Panthaki ?

A reader, Andrea Marchon sent us this email. If you know the person she is looking for, please leave the information in the comments section below. We will pass it on to Andrea.

Andrea Marchon wrote:

Dear Parsi Khabar

I am desperately looking for an old Parsi friend from my boarding school days as i would love to make contact with her again.

I dont know anybody else who might know of her or her family but i am looking for ways to get in touch with her. The family name is Panthaki and they used to live in Colaba. The area was i think Cuffe Parade and the name of the building was Sunflower Apts.

My friends name is Kareena and if i am correct with my memory ,her Dad,s name is Jimmy. All i know is that they used to have a travel agency or something on those lines. She used to be very dear to me and i just hope that someone somewhere ,will be able to help.Look forward to a reply at the earliest. Thanks n

Regards, Andrea