Nairika Cornett: The Transformative Power of Art


June 6, 2024

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Our dear friend Nairika Cornett speaks about the The Transformative Power of Art: Appreciating Art’s Range of Impact on a podcast with Phil Bonelli.

If art were our mental diet, we’d be very healthy people. – Nairika Cornett

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Nairika Cornett, Director of the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, joins host Phil Bonelli as our special guest on this segment of North Georgia Business Radio. She is a true advocate for the transformative power of art in education. Nairika emphasizes the role of early exposure to art in developing children’s problem-solving abilities, creativity, and memorization skills.

She and Phil also talk about the detrimental effects of removing the creative portion from education, highlighting the potential impact on teens’ mental well-being. Nairika’s passion for integrating the arts into education offers a compelling perspective on the critical role of art in shaping young minds and fostering well-rounded individuals.

Nairika also discusses how visual arts can create social change and foster community engagement, how art can be a unique and rewarding financial investment strategy, the role the Arts and Education play in India, and how cultural influences shape artistic interpretation.

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