Help Us Preserve the Heart and Soul of the ASHA Centre


June 6, 2024

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The ASHA Centre is a magical place in the Forest of Dean in the United Kingdom. Founded by our dearest friend and mentor Zerbanoo Gifford it is an oasis of calm and beauty espoused on Zoroastrian principles.

The ASHA Centre, a sanctuary for Zoroastrians in the Forest of Dean, needs your support. Post Brexit threaten its future. Please help us save it. Every little donation helps.

Asha is the force of creation, life and hope. Some prayers are recited through action – please lend your voice to this chorus and save your home.

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Dear Friends,

Nestled in the same Forest of Dean that inspired J. R. R. Tolkien to write the Lord of the Rings, The ASHA Centre has achieved the miraculous feat of becoming a sanctuary for Zoroastrians (Parsees and Iranians) globally, where dreams flourish, connections deepen, and lives transform. For years, ASHA has cultivated an environment where our young people can explore the most important issues of our age – achieving inspiration and connection to Zoroastrianism, generating interfaith dialogues for harmony, justice and peace, and learning to cultivate biodynamically to live in sustainable balance with our Earth.

Diasporic people lose many things with the passage of time. They lose the places their ancestors called home, they lose the people that inhabited those places, and if they are not careful, they lose their rich and vibrant communities. Homes away from home where all are welcome – safe harbours in a turbulent and uncertain world. The ASHA Centre is, has been, and with your support, will continue to be, that safe harbour and hub for Zoroastrianism from which a stronger global community can flourish. It is your home.

Today, we are reaching out with a heartfelt plea. ASHA is navigating a new chapter in its story in the UK, a post-Brexit chapter defined by austerity and economic headwinds. To continue our mission and keep this haven, we urgently need to raise funds to allow the ASHA Centre to adapt and continue its vital work. Without this support, the essence of Asha, which has touched so many lives, is in jeopardy.

The Asha Centre is not just a place—it’s a lifeline, a home where countless individuals have found solace, growth, and a sense of belonging. Your donation, no matter the amount, will help us maintain this beautiful space, support our passionate staff, and provide transformative experiences to those who need them most.

Imagine the young person who finds their voice through our arts programs, the community member who discovers new perspectives through our interfaith initiatives, or the individual who learns to live sustainably, inspired by our environmental education. Your generosity can make these stories continue.

We invite you to join us in safeguarding the Asha Centre. Together, we can ensure that this unique and magical place remains a source of inspiration and transformation for future generations.

With all our hearts, we thank you.

The Asha Centre Team

Why Your Support Matters:

1. Life-Changing Education: Your donation supports educational programs that nurture sustainability, the arts, and interfaith understanding.

2. A Community Haven: Asha is a sanctuary where deep connections and personal growth are fostered. Your support helps keep this space open and welcoming.

3. Investing in the Future: By contributing, you’re supporting future leaders and changemakers who will benefit from Asha’s unique environment and opportunities.

Help us keep the magic of the Asha Centre alive. Please donate today and be a part of our journey.

For charitable donations in the UK donate on portal

For charitable donations in USA

Donate on the FEZANA Donation Portal and select “ASHA Centre WZYLF” in the Fund Category.