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10 Predictions for Parsis for 2011

Taking a leaf out of Bejan Daruwalla, the renowned astrologer, Bombay Samachar takes a shot at predictions for Parsis in 2011

  1. A BPP trustee will resign and elections will be held. Efforts to find a ‘Consensus’ candidate will fail. Mehta-WAPIZ will put up Pheroze Amroliwalla as their candidate. He will lose.
  2. 104 flat allotment matter will work itself out. 60 allotments have already been made. The balance 40 will be a 50:50 split between BPP and AZA.
  3. As compared to last three years, litigation between BPP and AZA, before Charity Commissioner and High Court, will considerably diminish.
  4. Construction of new flats at Panthaky Baug will commence.
  5. New building construction at Godrej Baug will be stayed by the Charity Commissioner.
  6. WAPIZ’s relationship with Dinshaw Mehta will move from ‘red hot’ to lukewarm.
  7. Appeal in the banned priests case will be unsuccessful on some technical ground. WAPIZ will gloat. The liberals will approach the Supreme Court, where they will get relief, after both sides have spent lakhs over a non-issue.
  8. The 2011 Census will reveal that the decline in Parsi population is more serious than thought. WAPIZ will deny the authenticity of the figures.
  9. Some Parsis will get Padma Bhushan on Republic Day. But not Areez Khambatta, who should get ‘Bharat Ratna’ for his Sanjan Day speech.
  10. One out of every three marriages will be interfaith, but fewer will opt for cremation in 2011, as a feeling returns (erroneously, of course) that all is well at Doongerwadi.

Printed in the THE BOMBAY SAMACHAR of January 02, 2011