The Ninety First Symphony: Homi Dastoor’s Musical Journey


May 16, 2016

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The Ninety First Symphony is a beautiful documentary on Homi Dastoor’s Musical Journey. Readers of Parsi Khabar are familiar with Homi’s work which was featured here and here. His wonderful book “Musical Journeys: A personal introduction to Western Classical Composers” is a beautiful read for those who love Western Classical music.

The Ninety First Symphony is a documentary directed by Rafeeq Ellias

A man who loves western classical music with a passion, and has spent a lifetime exploring its treasures and sharing it with the world.At the age of 91, Homi Dastoor remains lucid, forceful and committed. He has produced his first book on the subject in his late eighties and is currently working on a book of western classical music for children.Maestro Zubin Mehta is among the legions who have known and loved him. His is indeed a story that needs to be told because people like him are quite simply not ‘made’ anymore.Homi Dastoor is an important inspiration for both his love and knowledge of western music but also for his incredible spirit and attitude to life.

Check the video below