Nagpur Parsis succour for parched Latur


May 16, 2016

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Carrying the initiative taken by the staffers of Nagpur Central Railway, the members of Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana are now taking arduous efforts to quench the thirst of people from parched lands.

Article by Manka Behli | Times Of India

They know that there is a limit to how much the government can do and are thus trying to lead by example. On Saturday, the community members dispatched certified water pouches of around 15,000 litres to the victims of Latur, one of the most severely drought affected areas of the country.

It started with a message that was circulated in social media by the members and in no time, they had people making donations not just from the city but also Dubai and Mumbai. “The contributions are not just coming from Parsis, some non-members and our cricket friends too are supporting the cause. What we are doing must be a small thing but it feels good to keep the tradition of charity going,” says president of Nagpur Parsi Gymkhana Shiraz Gimi.

The young members too are not behind in performing the yeoman service for the drought-affected. “We are trying our best to spread the message. But we want people to do more than just liking our work on Facebook. We want to continue this service till the first monsoon hit Latur,” says member Shezad Doongaji. IT consultant Cyrus Major adds, “We are working for the right cause and it feels good. People who would earlier ask us why we were doing this are now coming forward to do their bit.”

While the Nagpur Central Railway is taking care of transportation and distribution of water pouches to worst-hit villages of Latur, the community members are now finding best possible ways to reach out to maximum number of victims. “We will be sending around 5,000 mineral water bottles next week. We are also hoping to send water tankers,” says Shezad.

Around the same time last year, the members had sent relief material for victims of Nepal earthquake. “The idea is to do whatever we can to help those affected by natural calamities. At such times, everybody should contribute whatever little they can,” says founder of Khushroo Poacha . Those who wish to help can contact Shezad Doongaji (9823121259), Danush Doongaji (9823079740), Cyrus Major (9890068108).